Aliquam Vitae


Mission Statement:

To bring news, entertainment, and information to a fractured world.

The Humanity Scar Sentinel is a survivor ran newspaper bringing the Humanity Scar community together with articles, features, and interviews about topics, issues, and people that are important to the world as a whole. The staff at the Sentinel works tirelessly facing unknown dangers to bring up to date and impartial reporting on a wide range of topics including the conflict with groups like the UDF, the status of cities and colonies, research on the virus and the infected and so much more.

In addition to these hard hitting subjects, the paper also seeks to bring light to a world cloaked in shadows. Entertainment, human interest, and helpful reports bring a new side of the world up to the surface to remind everyone that they are alive and this life should be enjoyed and lived to it’s fullest as we work to survive in this chaotic new environment.

In order to bring people closer, we also feature interviews with members of the Survivors Forum and key leaders and citizens around the world. By making contact with them we believe that we are opening up their world further to increase the connection between every person who is able to read our publication. This unity is our most important goal.

We hope you find the Sentinel your central location for news, entertainment, and information.


Thank you very much for reading!

~Humanity Scar Staff