Aliquam Vitae


We expect Tevyn and Robert to return any day now with
supplies. But, there’s a good chance they had to go
further this time.  I worry about that hoard of zombies
that passed through. A lot of them died in the moat.

But there was just so many of them and they must
have passed right through the town Robert and Tevyn
usually go to if they didn’t just stick around. Which
would cause a lot of problems for those two.

It was not so cold outside today. I know that the warmer
days are going to go completely away soon. Not to say
it wasn’t chilly but it was sunny enough to set Mira
back outside for a little while. It really seemed to
do her a lot of good yesterday.

Today, Talyn, made a pit and built a fire right there next
to her. There was so much heat coming off that fire
that she had to remove some of the blankets she was
bundled in.

Talyn stayed there with her the whole time taking care
of the fire. I think he even made her tea.

I assumed I’d have to care for her alone. And I do at night.
But during the day there is plenty of help.

Even Trina’s girls do what they can just fetching things
for me or for Mira.

At night, though, it’ s the worst. The cold seems to
make it worse for her.

There are nights I climb right in to bed with
her and snuggle against her trying to share my body

You think you can’t or don’t want to do something
like that with a virtual stranger. And I don’t think myself
a martyr for doing anything for her.

I think it’s there inside all of us. The ability and desire
to help our fellow man. Sometimes we just let
our fears prevent us from doing what we know we
should. Even if we genuinely WANT to do it.

But there is nothing left right now if we don’t
help. If we don’t love those around us. Whoever
they might be.

I’m grateful for the ability to keep writing. Even if
it’s not great writing. Even if I’ll never write again like
I once aspired to.

Just getting the words out. Heals me a little every

I fear one day maybe my mind won’t still be the
same. That I might go crazy living like this for too
long. Who knows.

But for now? My mind is still present and still here.