Aliquam Vitae


It’s rained all day so far.  It’s very difficult to get the
chores done when it’s raining so much.

Well, not really difficult to get it done. Just MISERABLE
to get it done.

Mira wanted to go out again. She said she wanted to
feel the rain on her face. She wasn’t making a lot
of sense. Stephen keeps asking me if she’s dying.
But I don’t feel like he’s really “asking.”

I feel like he’s telling himself. Like he’s preparing himself
for it. I answer as honestly as I can.

“I don’t know.”

And I don’t. We can assume. But truth is none of
us knows what’s wrong with Mira. We’ve talked
to her. To find out what her lifestyle was like in
the Before to get some idea what we’re dealing with.

She was a very active woman. She worked out. Even
ran marathons for charity. She was a stay at home

Her husband was a big time commercial lawyer.

She really had the life. Her and Stephen. They never
said goodbye to Allen. Her husband. His father.

He was on a business trip. Out of the country when
all this started. Before you know it the phone lines
weren’t working properly, internet etc…

Allen went left for his business trip and a week
later the world was falling apart and they never
saw him again.

She had everything in the world. Nice cars. Big
house. And she’s still in the same position the
rest of us are. She wouldn’t be if she could have somehow
“bought” her way out of this.

But even money couldn’t change what was happening.

And here they still are. Still here. Just like the
rest of us. And Mira now it seems may be dying.
Something that she COULD have probably paid to
fix. Or at least tried to fix….

But we know she didn’t smoke. She drank the occasional
glass of wine with dinner. She ate healthy. She was fit.
There’s just no way of knowing. And what difference does
it make? What can we do about it? No matter WHAT it is
that’s making her so sick?