Aliquam Vitae


The guys are back with supplies. Frank is a little messed up.
He got into some kind of brawl with someone two towns away.
They had to go pretty far this time.

Robert is being very nice about Stephen sharing his room.
Tevyn brought some comics and stuff for Stephen. Things
a boy his age would like. Things they didn’t necessarily
have room for but he got them anyway.

They are just as surprised as we were to see Mira so
sick. And to know that Stephen had been caring for her alone
for so long.

Like most of us they had assumed that Mira and Stephen
just didn’t want to be bothered. And Stephen always did
his share of chores…and made up for his mother not being
able to help. So we just let them be.

Tevyn was worried about Stephen which is why he brought
him back such nice things. But now everyone understands
and the guys are just as willing to pitch in as everyone else

These are good people.

I will miss them when I leave. And I know for sure now I will
eventually leave this group.

For now I’m still here and the guys are too now. Thankfully.