Aliquam Vitae

Insects and the Virus: UPDATE!

Hello faithful readers!

It’s Penny here!

It has been quite a while since I have been able to write due to technical difficulties. However, I am back and I have quite the update! When I last wrote there was fear about transferal of the virus through insects. I was visiting an SFA lab where they were doing specific research to see what dangers could be present in insects that were carrying a dormant strain CRCV.

While there are not many advances in this particular subject I do have a very important bit of information that I feel obligated to pass on.


While the virus has not been found able to transfer from an insect to a human host it has been transferred from an insect to an animal host. This is done due to the fact that the virus goes into a dormant state and can be passed while still dormant to the animal.


They are currently testing to see what happens next and if animal bites can lead to an infection.


I will keep you all updated as I gain more information. The most important thing to do is stay safe, keep any animals you are caring for under a close watch and remain vigilant!


Penny signing off!