Aliquam Vitae

The Blackout

Starting in the winter of 2013, the UDF attempted to take over and control all internet communications. They did this by launching a wide scale systematic attack on all servers and computer data bases that did not belong to them. Using sophisticated hacking methods they replaced several established web pages with links to their own propaganda infused sites. When this step was complete they effectively took complete control over the internet and it’s users.

The UDF did not stop there. As 2014 began, they sent out dozens of small covert forces to known locations and burnt entire server hubs and facilities to the ground. This crippled the internet making it virtually impossible to communicate freely without being monitored by the UDF. Despite this, many people still sent messages to one another and the term “Blackout” was created to reference what had happened.

An unfortunate casualty of this event was While the site did not go offline, it’s security was greatly compromised and several of the databases were reduced to ashes as a result of the UDF attacks.

In spring 2014, group of computer programmers, scientists, and intellectuals banded together to form a task force to take back one of the most important avenues of communication left on the planet. Included in this group was Kat and her technical guru known as Young Blood. They worked tirelessly to reclaim what was lost and secure it in new and innovative ways. They used all of their resources to construct secret facilities to house the new servers and created covert new connections to satellite servers launched by the SFA and purchased by the SCION alliance in accordance with several independent groups.

In the fall of 2014, the servers were finally ready to launch providing a safe, secure, and free internet to all citizens who could access it. New hot spots and connection centers were installed in several locations allowing even greater access to the new system.

With this obstacle defeated, the faith of all survivors was given a boost. They began to reassemble their lost communities, not least of all was the Humanity Scar forums, which is expected to experience a rejuvenation and growth due to this event.

Check back here for more information regarding the UDF and their constant attacks on freedom and liberty.