Aliquam Vitae

Chat with Dr. Mandy

I’d like to thank all of the survivors who were able to take a moment out of their busy lives to come chat with us this last Tuesday when Dr. Mandy came to answer questions. I hope that more of you are able to come in the future when we have other special guests. I am going to be posting an abridged version of the chat (with some information removed and edited for clarity and ease of reading) so that you can see the questions and answers.

Dr. Mandy will try to come back more often as her schedule allows to address your questions and concerns.

Without anymore delay, here is the edited chat transcript:

Questions and Answers (Some editing for clarification and grammar)

Dr. Mandy joined the chat 6:27 PM

Dr. Mandy: Hello everyone. It’s good to know that some of you had the time out of your busy schedules to talk with me. 6:28 PM

Liz: Good Evening Dr. 6:28 PM

Lu: Hi Dr. Mandyy 6:28 PM

Eva-Harris: Hello Dr Mandy!! 6:29 PM

Dr. Mandy: Hello Liz. It’s good to see you. 6:29 PM

Dr. Mandy: Hello Eva, I’m glad to see you here as well. 6:30 PM

Dr. Mandy: We can start questions at any time. I’ll do my best. 6:30 PM

Lu: Well I’m really concerned about this thing with Beetle and how contagious it is. 6:30 PM

Eva-Harris: I don’t really know what to ask. It all seems so strange, learning this new information about Beetle. 6:30 PM

Eva-Harris: Yeah, I’m concerned, like Lu 6:30 PM

Liz: I am here to listen and gather information to bring back to my camp 6:31 PM

Liz: We dont have issues like other camps, but I want to keep informed 6:31 PM

Dr. Mandy: I can understand your concern. 6:31 PM

Lu: So what do we look for? How do we know that if we are being exposed? Do we have to be bitten? 6:32 PM

Dr. Mandy: We are continually doing research, but I must stress that the virus has very specific transfer methods, and simply coexisting with someone like Beetle is not dangerous. 6:32 PM

Dr. Mandy: I can say that with certainty 6:32 PM

Lu: Okay that’s good. 6:32 PM

Eva-Harris: I’m glad it isn’t dangerous 6:33 PM

Dr. Mandy: It is always good to exercise caution when going into areas that you are unfamiliar with 6:33 PM

Eva-Harris: Are there signs to look out for? Like if we were to come across someone infected, should we wait and see how they react or…? 6:34 PM

Lu: so I’m wondering can we expect things to change even more? As far as the virus is concerned? 6:34 PM

Dr. Mandy: Open wounds, skin that is broken, things of that nature should always be covered and treated. 6:34 PM

Dr. Mandy: I’m sorry, I’m experiencing some lag in the chat window, please pardon my slow response 6:35 PM

Dr. Mandy: The signs to look for in someone who has an immunity or resistance to the virus are nearly impossible to predict. Some people may react like Beetle, others won’t change at all 6:36 PM

Dr. Mandy: The only way to tell, is to examine new people exhaustively for any open wounds or inflamed scars 6:36 PM

Dr. Mandy: That is the only sign we know of to indicate a bite or site where the virus has been contracted 6:36 PM

Lu: Can we expect the virus to continue to change? 6:36 PM

Lu: And what about the zombies in Lisa’s camp….looking like they are working together 6:37 PM

Dr. Mandy: You must also earn rely on the person to tell you what they have encountered, which involves trust. I always say that newcomers should be quarantined for at least a month before being allowed into the general population. 6:37 PM

Dr. Mandy: The virus is a “learning” organism. It will continue to change and develop but only in the Alpha patients, where it is in its purest form 6:37 PM

Lu: Oh that’s a good idea we need to do that. 6:38 PM

Dr. Mandy: We cannot predict what will happen, we can only try to stay informed on new changes and trends 6:38 PM

Lu: But what about those in contact with any newcomers. Should we also be quarantined? 6:38 PM

Dr. Mandy: Just like the flu or HIV, it is a virus that cannot be pinned down to a certain make up 6:38 PM

Dr. Mandy: The “herd” that Lisa encountered are acting in a way we predicted long ago, like animals following an instinct 6:39 PM

Dr. Mandy: The Alpha Patients are less degraded in their mental capacity and that is why they seem so intelligent. 6:39 PM

Dr. Mandy: If you come in contact with new people and touch their blood or other bodily fluids, a quarantine is a very good precaution to take. 6:40 PM

Lu: What about the farm animals? I mean we haven’t seen anything but could they get infected? 6:41 PM

Lu: Or is it just humans? 6:41 PM

Lu: We have a cow coming…. 6:41 PM

Dr. Mandy: The virus can lay dormant in an animal, but can only be contracted through the same means as others. If you slaughter an infected animal with an open wound, you risk infection. But eating an infected animal that is cooked properly is considered perfectly safe. 6:41 PM

Lu: What about the milk which is what essentially we’re getting ? 6:42 PM

Lu: Should we boil it first or something? I’m a little panicked now. 6:43 PM

Dr. Mandy: Do not panic, the virus cannot be transferred through milk, per testing. The virus only exists within the blood stream, saliva, and waste products of human or animal. This has been confirmed through rigorous testing 6:46 PM

Lu: Okay good. Thank you so much Dr. Mandy for taking the time to do this. 6:46 PM

Eva-Harris: That’s good to know. It will ease all of our minds a bit 6:47 PM

Liz: Thank you so much for this information 6:47 PM

Dr. Mandy: You’re welcome. I do want to help, but I am busy so often it is hard for me to keep everyone informed. 6:47 PM

Liz: Ive been taking notes to share with my camp 6:47 PM

Dr. Mandy: That’s a good idea. Please share this information as much as you can with those you meet. 6:47 PM

Lu: I think we need to talk about turning that second house into a quarantine. How do you suggest we do that Dr Mandy? 6:48 PM

Lu: Just use it as usual but not let anyone have contact? 6:48 PM

Dr. Mandy: A quarantine should be a place where all waste products are disposed of completely separate, food is prepared separately, and any ill or injured are cared for separately. You don’t have to put up any elaborate filtering systems. 6:50 PM

Lu: Do we need to worry about waste infecting like the soil, like when we decide to garden in the spring Or will it be fine? 6:51 PM

Dr. Mandy: But ultimately, the only way to know if someone has been infected is to check for the wound and question them about any contact with an infected. It could be as small as a scratch, so it is essential that physical checks be done thoroughly down to searching the scalp and genital areas. 6:51 PM

Liz: Wow, our camp is so small we don’t have the capacity for that 6:52 PM

Dr. Mandy: Waste of an infected person should not come in contact with soil you wish to use for gardening. If you are going to use a piece of land that you have not used before, we recommend a controlled burn of the area. The heat from a fire will eliminate any danger of the virus laying dormant. 6:52 PM

Lu: Okay Thanks again Dr. Mandy. My group really appreciates you taking the time to do this. I think my battery is going to die soon so I must go 6:52 PM

Lu: Good Night everyone, be safe and take care…. 6:53 PM

Dr. Mandy: If you do not have room to quarantine people at least 500 yards from a base camp, it is a risk you take allowing newcomers in without inspection. 6:53 PM

Dr. Mandy: Thank you for attending Lu. 6:53 PM

Liz: We always do inspections, but we don’t have a separate facility inside our stockade walls, otherwise they are camping out in the Barrens 6:53 PM

Eva-Harris: And yes, thank you Dr Mandy. I know a lot of this info might seem like common sense (checking for wounds etc) but it is good to hear it first hand from you 6:53 PM

Eva-Harris: I think we might be able to build a small quarantine area within our perimeter 6:54 PM

Liz: Perhaps we can build a small cabin against the stockade, so they are within our protection but not within our camp 6:55 PM

Eva-Harris: If that’s possible Liz, it seems like a good idea. Probably the best way for you to keep your camp safe. 6:55 PM

Dr. Mandy: That is a good idea Liz 6:55 PM

Dr. Mandy: I think it is more essential to keep those in question from contributing waste in the same area, and/or treating any illness or wounds. An infected person with immunity or resistance can sleep in the same room, share in chores, and be around you, but should not eat from the same bowls and utensils and things of that nature. 6:56 PM

Liz: I will present these ideas to Skip and let the men run with these ideas, they are the engineers, I tend to leave those ideas up to them 6:56 PM

Eva-Harris: Thanks for the info Dr Mandy. I need to go now, as my watch starts soon. Thank you so much for bringing us this information. It really does ease my worries a bit! 6:57 PM

Dr. Mandy: You are welcome Eva. Thanks for coming. 6:58 PM

Dr. Mandy: I am sure your camp can find a solution Liz, especially if you notice more survivors heading your way. If your camp is that small, it may be a good idea to try and expand when the weather warms up, if you would like to accommodate more people 6:58 PM

Dr. Mandy: I believe that it is perfectly fine to turn people away, there is no obligation to help those you cannot assist without harming the integrity of your current camp. 6:59 PM

Dr. Mandy: It is a hard decision to make. 6:59 PM

Dr. Mandy: Well Liz, if you have no more questions, I may leave early. I don’t believe anyone else is going to show up. 7:00 PM

Liz: I really dont have any questions, and any I would have asked you already answered 7:02 PM

Liz: Thanks for coming tonite Dr. 7:02 PM

Dr. Mandy: You’re very welcome. I’m glad I could share this information with you and I Hope it helps you in the future! 7:02 PM

Liz: Have a good night! 7:02 PM

Dr. Mandy: Thank you, I wish the same for you. May we meet again. 7:02 PM

Dr. Mandy left the chat