Aliquam Vitae

Meet the Mayor (Part One)

Caring when needed. Helpful if possible. Friendly always; some would even say flirtatious.

And let’s not forget, “mysterious.”

I’m talking about none other than the mischievously charming AJ Lewis, a well respected member since April 9, 2011. AJ was christened Adam James Lewis because his religious parents wanted him to have “the most biblical name in the history of the world.” Wonder what they’d think about his fight against zombies?

Like most of us, his first zombie sighting was on the television. But the first one he saw in the flesh (so to speak) was actually his neighbor and his reaction made me laugh a little bit as he said, “I didn’t kill him, I ran.”

If you’v been paying attention to AJ’s posts and comments, then you know that he served in the military. What you may not know is that our AJ Lewis was a United States Marine. When he came back from the war, AJ had a really difficult time readjusting to what was considered “normal” life here at home. He didn’t want to be around anyone; he found he was shutting himself off from those who cared for him, including his own family. He told me when the zombies appeared, he had been more than willing to just try surviving alone with his dog.

Soon, the military presence around his home and the surrounding areas was overwhelming and he couldn’t stay there any longer. Shortly after leaving, he “hooked up” with Phantom and some others making him feel like he was part of a unit again, just like when he was in the service. He said, “It felt right. I was back in my element.”

He told me he didn’t think he’d ever be able to lead a group of people again after returning home from the war, but he found he was doing it, and doing it well. He was able to make serious decisions without even having to think about it. He admits it was scary how easily he could “switch on the killer instinct and protect what I considered mine.”

On a lighter note, I asked AJ about what everyone in the HS community calls his “cookies.” Of course I’m referring to is his reputation with the women of Lewiston, the small town that is named after him and to which he was recently elected as Mayor. He admits to having actually been celibate in the before for quite some time. It was only in the after that he found himself “playing with women”.  However, he says that it’s backfired on him, and he admits to not being sure what he’s doing. Since this interview with AJ, it seems he’s laid off the cookies a little bit.

Speaking of food, I think we all know by now that AJ’s favorite food in the before was a “thick juicy medium rare piece of steak.” At the time of the interview he hadn’t had any beef for over a year but I’m happy to report (and you can read this within his posts) that Dominic sent some aged steaks his way! He admitted to being sick of fish, coyote, and rabbit, but really enjoyed the few chickens his group had butchered.

I had to laugh when I asked him: With all the things we’ve had to do without, what is something you actually like about how we are all living right now? His response was, “I like not having to shower everyday. Being a bit smelly is almost a good thing.”  Not the answer I was expecting from Humanity Scar’s own “lady’s man”, but yes, made me laugh.

When asked if he plans to move on from Lewiston, he told me that as long as it’s safe in Lewiston and he is wanted he will stay, leaving only if there was a good reason to go elsewhere.

From what we’ve read I think it’s safe to say the citizens of Lewiston have a lot of respect for their “Mayor” and I don’t see him having a reason to leave on a permanent basis anytime soon.

I have so much more to share with all of you about our mysterious but beloved AJ Lewis, and I plan to do just that. Be sure to check back soon. Now that we’ve learned a little more about AJ, we’ll move on to learning about how he runs his camp. I think you’ll all find it very informative and hopefully even a little helpful as we all continue trying to improve our own camps and our own living situations.

For now I leave you with what AJ said to me when I asked him how being a part of the HS community has helped him:

“I think HS has helped me in more ways than I can say. I have gained confidence, friendship, and a purpose because of the site and the people I have met here.”

Until next time…

Samantha Angiola Di Salvo