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I don’t know how Stephen took care of his mother all alone. And I’m still shocked at how little we paid attention to it. I suppose we all just thought that they were private and didn’t want to be bothered. I was unable to write yesterday due to how busy I was taking care of […]


I have become Mira’s caretaker.  And I have so little experience taking care of someone other than myself. I lived with Penny briefly in the Before. But, I certainly didn’t have to take care of her. It seems so odd to watch someone dying. When I’ve been reading about you all dying here and there […]


Stephen has been acting like a bad teenager today. He is acting out because of all the changes that are being imposed on him. Anyone can see that. Even if he can see that the changes will benefit him. Allow him some down time. His mother is all he has. And she is being moved […]


Stephen is moving in with Robert. And Mira is moving in with me. Trina and I are going to care for her a little more. We hadn’t realized how much care she was now needing. And Stephen is only 13 and doing on his own. We all feel really badly for not having realized. But […]