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The guys are back with supplies. Frank is a little messed up. He got into some kind of brawl with someone two towns away. They had to go pretty far this time. Robert is being very nice about Stephen sharing his room. Tevyn brought some comics and stuff for Stephen. Things a boy his age […]


It’s rained all day so far.  It’s very difficult to get the chores done when it’s raining so much. Well, not really difficult to get it done. Just MISERABLE to get it done. Mira wanted to go out again. She said she wanted to feel the rain on her face. She wasn’t making a lot […]


We expect Tevyn and Robert to return any day now with supplies. But, there’s a good chance they had to go further this time.  I worry about that hoard of zombies that passed through. A lot of them died in the moat. But there was just so many of them and they must have passed […]


Today, the sun is out and although it’s still really cold I convinced Mira to let me help her get outside for some Vitamin D. She was hesitant at first but allowed me to set her up outside for a little bit. I actually had Stephen help me get the loveseat outside. We set it […]