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Bread Making 101

  Hey guys! Penny here! Today I’m coming to you with a fun cooking tip! We’ve been living in this new world for quite a few years now, but I’m always surprised about about the skills some people still haven’t quite mastered. One of those is how to make bread without an oven! Never fear! […]

Insects and the Virus: UPDATE!

Hello faithful readers! It’s Penny here! It has been quite a while since I have been able to write due to technical difficulties. However, I am back and I have quite the update! When I last wrote there was fear about transferal of the virus through insects. I was visiting an SFA lab where they […]

Mosquitoes and the Virus

Hello All! It’s Penny here! I’ve been sent on a pretty important information gathering mission to a small SFA lab near my home. I need to find out more about the virus and how it can be transferred in ways that are not widely known. I was able to get a quick interview with a […]

Railroad Rumors!

Penny here with a juicy rumor! I just finished speaking to a secret source that has told me a 50 mile section of the railroad system in the Midwestern section of North America may be the home to a new working railroad system! It will carry goods, animals, and people and will be offered for […]