Media FAQ

The Humanity Scar Media page features submissions and creations of members of the site and Kat herself.

Read the FAQ below to find out more.

  • What is Media?
    • Media is anything artistic that you can come up with. This includes Photographs, Artwork, Short Videos, Audio Files and more!


  • How can I submit my media for the page?
    • You can use the “Submit Your Media” link on the Media webpage or send a message to to start the process. You will get more details once you begin.


  • What if I want to remove my media from the page?
    • All submissions to the page are subject to a Media Submission Agreement. While you can request to have it removed, all final decisions on the status of content is at the discretion of Kat / Monique Doucette.


  • Can I update my media if I add or change it?
    • Sure, simply notify Kat and submit your updated work.


  • My media was rejected! What happened?
    • All Media must fall under a PG-13 rating. If your submission is too adult or questionable, it may be rejected. You can always modify your work to fit into the guidelines and submit it again.