There has been no word from the executive section of the government since six months after the outbreak. Even the fragmented sections of the military are unsure of what has become of the President and the rest of the countries leadership. The same can be said for countries all over the world. Most leaders went into hiding, bunkers and naval airships being the most common means of escaping the threat. However, since they have failed to communicate with the public, it is as if they don’t exist.


There are a few scattered groups of congressmen, governors, and other state politicians located with military units around the world. They have not attempted to create any sort of leadership structure, instead focusing on their own survival until they can ensure that they will be safe. It is said that once they can find a way to get information out to the population and gather large groups into one place, they will make a move to take back their roles as leaders once more.  It is not clear where they are and why they are staying so silent. The military groups that are with them, while affiliated with the SMC (see Organizations section), do not communicate with each other and that seems to be a strategic move that was in place before communication was completely broken down to the state it is in today.


The future of the government is uncertain at best.