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Location: Alaskan Coast, North America

Adult Population:  57


Map Walk Through

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  1. Residential Nieghborhood: Holds all cabins for citizens.
  2. Greenhouse: Large Greenhouse complex used for farming in extreme weather conditions
  3. Community Center and Jail: Meeting house and jail
  4. Security Center: For volunteer police and SFA security
  5. Storage Barn: Stores all supplies for the colony


  • Small community lives in a 2 square mile area
  • Has running water and minimal electricity powered by generators
  • Has a fishing community that stays near the coast for most of the year



Leader: Henry Ashton

Supply Leader: James Ackta

SFA Liaison: Felisha Ma



Community is very small and close knit. Not much is known about their practices. They have not had a new citizen in their group since they started.



Wooden cabins are assigned for most large families with some non married people living in houses together.



NOMAD does not visit them at this time. They would have fish and fur to trade.


Defense and Security

Three man police force to solve disagreements and rules violations.

Only location to have an SFA security group patrolling due to their close proximity to an SFA location.


History and Interesting Facts

  • They have experienced no contact with any infected in this location. Most left infected villages near the south of Alaska.
  • SFA provides medicine and other technology (greenhouses were made by the SFA)
  • Community is secretive, not revealing much about their daily life or practices at this time.