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Location: Coastal Maine, North America

Adult Population:  240


Map Walk Through

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  1. Community Center: Meeting, storage, and residential buildings
  2. Farm Community: residents for farmers and animal caretakers
  3. Lighthouse: Security and small residential area


  • Located off the coast of main connected to the mainland by a small strip of land
  • Most land devoted to farming and animal care
  • Some of the fishing community lives on boats or temporary housing on the land



Community Leader: Hannah Brown

Fishing Community Leader: Captain Granger

Farming Community Leader: Benjamin Cartwell

Police Captain: Thomas Maddison



A good sized community, most people naturally gravitate towards one of three communities: Main, Fishing, and Farming.

The Main community is for those who work in trades such as teaching, skilled labor, and police. Fishing Community members work on boats and near the water to facilitate their large fishing industry and trade. Farm members live either in the Farm Community or in a stand alone home in the fields. They gather monthly and trade is high in fish, animal products, and boats.

They are located near a UDF base and have constant conflicts with their trade. They usually travel inthe water to avoid confrontations. However, the UDF is known to attack or send spies to their location several times a year. They have a large police force and patrol daily.

New citizens must stay outside of the community for two months before entering, to ensure the safety of all existing residents.

Community Events

  • Weekly leadership meetings
  • Bi Weekly community meetings
  • Monthly scouting and intelligence gathering missions



There are several dorms and single family residences. Most new citizens must build their own home, but are given supplies and assistance from citizens. Based on the skill level of the new resident, they are assigned an area for their new home. If they do not agree with this assignment they must request a transfer which is reviewed at the weekly leadership meetings.



NOMAD visits twice a month, using water routes for entrance and exit.

Lighthouse has many goods they trade, including these main items:

*Boats (small to medium)

*Animal products (fur, meat, eggs, cheese)

*Live Animals (horses, cows, chickens)

*Wagons (horse drawn)


Defense and Security

Police force: 100 volunteers

SCION Special Forces within 2 days

Naval fleet

Constant vigilance due to close proximity to UDF


History and Interesting Facts

  • The main buildings used by Lighthouse were once used for an SFA installment that moved north.
  • The lighthouse is operational and in use.
  • All residents have an escape boat.
  • New residents must stay in a quarantine town at a secret location for a month before entrance is granted. To date, two spies have made their way into the town and stolen key security information for the UDF.
  • UDF attacks are common and everyone isarmed and trained in emergency procedures.
  • To protect children and elderly, police are assigned to the school and senior center
  • They have more than 5,000 chickens in t4heir chicken ranch, supplying more eggs and poultry for the NOMADS than any other location.