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Location: Islands in Lake Michigan, North America

Adult Population:  42


Map Walk Through

Please refer to the numbers on the map above

  1. Castle Island aka Main Island : Houses all administrative buildings, community halls, and housing for leaders and security forces.
  2. Two Towers: Two sub islands holding most of the residents and farming areas
  3. Knight Islands: Security and medical islands
  4. Prince and Princess Islands: More residents, currently abandoned due to infection outbreak. In process of clearing for habitation.



Community Leaders: Carlos Rivera, Brian Stokes, and Jennifer Maloney

Food and Supply Rationing Leader: Greg Palms

Security Captain: Orville Kaman

Boat Captain: Welson Vernon



Community is close knit despite the separation of the islands. They regularly meet, scout out the mainland, and patrol their borders. They are near a UDF factory and must be hyper vigilant. In early 2014 they suffered a tragedy regarding the population of three of their islands. All 82 residents of the islands were lost to infection. As of Autumn 2014, they have not been able to declare the islands safe. Only 42 of the infected residents are accounted for and disposed of, leaving half of the infected still roaming the property. They have plans to clear the islands as soon as possible.

Community Events

*Bi-Weekly Meetings

*Monthly Survivor Celebrations

*Monthly Scouting Missions

*Monthly medical check ups for all residents.



Residents choose their homes wherever space is available. There is minimal electricity on each island provided by solar farms, up to 4 hours per day.  Each citizen is given a boat and free travel around the islands.

New citizens must spend time on a small quarantine island before admitted to community. Time on this island has been increased from 2 weeks to 4.



NOMAD visits once a month.

Due to small population, they have large amounts of preserved vegetables to trade. They also work in dried fish and hand made boats.


Defense and Security

Volunteer Police: 5 men

SCION Special Forces within 2 days

Patrols on water borders daily.

24 hour surveillance on the UDF factory located inland.


History and Interesting Facts

  • Before the infection, Traverse was known as Treasure Islands
  • They had plans to settle a small coastal township but were pushed back by the infected.
  • The UDF factory is believed to be making weapons and ammunition
  • Despite the obvious dangers, they are a close knit community and all feel safe.