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Location: Northwest Wyoming / Southern Montana, North America

Adult Population:  424


Map Walk Through

Please refer to the numbers on the map above

*Note: Due to the immense area claimed by the colony, only a small portion is shown on the map above. This area is call the MCA or Main Community Area.

  1. Main Community Center – Large complex of buildings with conference rooms, kitchen, and offices for citizens to hold gatherings and other administrative functions.
  2. Citizen Work Center and Residences – Hotel and various other buildings used for housing, workshops (such as leather working, tool making, etc), schooling and child care.
  3. Leadership housing – Group of buildings used for leadership, placement is close to main hub to facilitate their involvement with the community as much as possible.


  • Community is spread out in various sections of the park creating smaller sub communities within the area:
    • Bear Lodge
    • Antelope Lodge
    • Beaver Lodge
    • Buffalo Lodge
    • Squirrel Lodge
    • Fish Lodge
    • Eagle Lodge
    • Moose Lodge
    • Cougar Lodge
  • Each sub community has a mayor and a list of rules that must be followed  by all residents, making it into it’s own township
  • Numerous lakes, rivers, and ponds supply water and transportation around the large map
  • Populated portion of area is estimated at 42 square miles



President: Scott Patrewsky

Vice President: Yarin Lawrence

Secretary of Community Affairs: Lauren Brewster

Ranger Police Commanders: Quentin Brown and Theo Laporte

Trade Czar: Kamryn Ivaz

Director of Law: Naomi Watts

Mail and Communications Controller: Wendy Patrick



With such a large and spread out population, New Hope is a very unique society. Each sub community, or lodge, has it’s own elections, laws, and structure. All new residents are able to select a living location based on what it offers and must agree to the rules before moving in. Every 4 months, citizens can request relocation and move to another lodge. New Lodges are created every 6 months based on demand. If a group of citizens agree to create their own Lodge it must be approved by the leaders of each Lodge (majority vote) and then voted on by all citizens (another majority vote). To date, at least 2 new lodges are created each year.

More information about each of the lodges will be available as it is submitted.


Community Events:

*Weekly Leadership meetings- All mayors must meet once a week to discuss current events and issues at their sub community.

*Monthly Community Meetings – At the end of eveyr month a status meeting is held. Attendance is not mandatory and a summary of topics is sent to each community to be displayed in their own local announcements.

*Quarterly Festivals – Every four months there is a festival for all citizens to join up, meet newcomers, and celebrate surviving. These last for up to 4 days at a time.



Residents have complete freedom to choose their living place. If they choose to join a Lodge they must agree to all rules and restrictions including any employment conditions. The housing located at the Main Community Area is reserved for new citizens in the process of selecting their home, visitors, and security workers. While it is not recommended, some choose to live completely separate from a community but they are not restricted in this decision as long as they do not encroach on the territory of an existing Lodge and keep an  up to date registration of their coordinates so that they can be monitored for safety and medical reasons.

Housing ranges from previously built structures, log cabins, crude shelters, tents, and vehicles. Most Lodges work together to build homes for their residents.



NOMAD visits twice weekly.

Each Lodge or solitary citizen is responsible for submitting their goods for trade to the Trade Depot at the Main Community Area. There are several general stores located at the MCA and at Lodges for the trade of items that the NOMAD agents deliver. The population is so diverse there is hardly anything not offered for trade from this location.


Defense and Security

Each Lodge has it’s own peacekeeping force and disciplinary process. If a larger problem arises, it is handled at the weekly meeting and larger scale trials and hearings are held monthly if required.

In addition to these small forces there is a larger group of Ranger Police that patrol the entirety of the populated area. One full sweep can take up to two weeks, so there is a constant presence of these men and women in the territory.

Due to the massive space there are no fences or gates in place. Each Lodge is responsible for creating their own barrier and ensuring the safety of its citizens. Many have wooden and stone walls surrounding their community while others rely on patrols and guard towers.

A SCION Special Forces unit is permanently stationed here and can respond within hours.


History and Interesting Facts

  • This colony was in place and accepting survivors long before Scion, claiming to be the second community established after Geneva Bay in 2011.
  • They have only had one infection outbreak with 14 casualties in early 2012.
  • They welcome, on average, 100 new citizens each year.
  • They have to deal with more threats than any other colony with an abundance of wild animals to contend with.
  • There has been one major attack from a human threat in late 2013. There were over 100 citizens lost in an attack on a now deactivated lodge (Thorn Lodge). The threat was from a biker group that was turned away from citizenship due to their rejection of the main rules and requirements of residency at New Hope. They retaliated and were subsequently dealt with, over half of their number is held in the New Hope Jail at this time.