Safe Zones:


Safe zones are areas of the world that were not involved in the human clinical trials of the CRCV viral therapy and therefore were not exposed to the initial outbreak. They are primarily countries without the required funding or global status necessary to gain access. Others are simply areas that were not ideal for the tests and did not have any major medical centers within a large radius where the trials were being held. Many of these areas were said to have closed their borders and kept all travelers from entering their territories. However, they were not immune from infection and may not be as safe as the rumors claimed them to be.  There is no way to be sure until someone breaks the silence or an eyewitness reports back what they have seen.


The areas that are considered “safe zones” are:


*The State of Alaska


*Northern Canada


*Northeastern territories of Asia (example: Siberia)


*Most of the countries located in the Middle East excluding Saudi Arabia, who was given access to the trials.

*UPDATE: Middle East confirmed safe, in allegience with the UDF. Known as Arab Safe Zone


*North Korea


* Central Africa


*Haiti and the Dominican Republic


*Several clusters of islands in the Philippines, around the coast of Florida, and in the Gulf areas (Caribbean)

*UPDATE: Reported outbreak near Puerto Rico. This area may be lost.




*Central South America


With no confirmation on the state of these areas, it cannot be for sure if they are safe places to try and reach. However, with this information there is hope of at least a few strongholds of civilization remaining untouched by the virus. This is invaluable as we recover from the apocalypse.


There is an ongoing effort to find more locations that may be safe within the boundaries of the countries that were the most devastated, including the United States of America.