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Location: Southwest North America

Adult Population:  188


Map Walk Through

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  1. Main Hospital: Fully functional hospital building, four stories tall
  2. Lab: Full functional lab and research facility capable of producing small quantities of medication monthly
  3. Community Center: Location for daycare, meetings, and meals. Has a working kitchen
  4. Housing: Three story building, previous hospital space is now sectioned off into small apartments for residents.
  5. Garden Area: Grows enough crops to sustain citizens, but not for trade. Also houses Solar Farm.
  6. Gated Area: Used for quarantine for visitors and new citizens
  7. Parking Lot: Barricaded and full of parked cars used for storage



Head Doctor and Leader: Devon Jackson

Lab Specialist: Carson Drew

Farm Organizer: Tammy Coffer



This community is comprised mainly of students and doctors that evacuated an on campus dormitory near the beginning of the apocalypse. There are only 3 children, all under the age of 4. Their location is in a suburban community that was decimated by fires and looters. The hospital, feared for it’s possibility of holding large numbers of infected, was not bothered. However, on a scouting mission, Devon Jackson found the place completely deserted and moved his group there. ¬†With such a young population, there is loose leadership and most residents choose their job and hours. There is a wide range of people from hard workers to those who do not feel the need to work. There is a lot of conflict here, despite their intelligence and security.

They regularly welcome the ill and injured from surrounding communities. After a 4 day quarantine, most visitors are welcomed into a secured floor in the hospital for evaluation and treatment. Emergency cases do not have to wait the quarantine period. There is a high level of death in this location, but only from the ill and injured that seek treatment. They operate an ambulance to move bodies to either a desired location by family or a communal graveyard five miles form the hospital.

Community Events:

  • Weekly productivity meetings
  • Monthly research meetings
  • Monthly parties



All residents have their own room or set of rooms (for more than one in a family unit) in the second hospital building. New residents are offered an empty room of their choosing. They currently occupy only two floors of the building.



NOMAD visits once a month.

With the capability to produce anti biotics and other rare medications, this is their main source of trade currency.


Defense and Security

Three full time security guards to keep the peace and a full time jail and drunk tank.

SCION special forces within 2 days

Perimeter is chain link fence, patrolled daily.


History and Interesting Facts

  • The oldest member of the Horizon Valley Population is 52 year old leader, Devon. The rest of the population is under 35 years of age.
  • There are only 10 women in the Horizon Valley Population.
  • They experience over 10 deaths a month from patients.
  • They have had 2 infection break outs that have killed 9 of their own population in the hospital. The infection did not get past the security within the hospital.
  • They have an excellent solar farm that gives them power 12 hours a day.