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Location: Southwest North America

Adult Population:  27


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Casita Del Sol is an extremely small community located in a hidden valley in a large mountainous area. Surrounded on all sides a swiftly moving river and an almost impenetrable rocky surface, this is one of the most secure colonies. Due to it’s location, it is almost impossible to find and the community is comprised of the same group that was there when it began. The main camp is located in the center of a large meadowland where a large amount of horses graze. They have one small wooden cabin for meetings, meals, and storage.



Leader: Marcus Lopez

Horse Trainer: Louis Peru

Dog Handlers: Niva Javens and Huey Valenz



This small community is very close knit and everyone naturally carries their own weight. They each have a job and they do it. There is no regulation on work days, holidays, or hours. If someone is not carrying their weight, everyone comes together to discuss and resolve the issue. While they welcome newcomers they have not seen anyone since their decision to settle. They bring with them over 100 trained dogs and 122 horses, trained and in the process of training. They have a few small gardens and use the dogs to hunt wild game within the mountain ranges.


Community Events

  • Daily Group Meals
  • Daily animal training
  • Weekly hunting missions
  • Weekly spiritual services
  • Monthly scout and scavenge missions



All citizens live in the location of their choosing. Over half live in the backs of large transport vehicles, trailers and motor homes.



NOMAD visits every two weeks

Items for Trade by Casita Del Sol:

  • Trained Dogs and horses
  • Animal fur
  • Custom leather clothing and jewelry


Defense and Security

With such a small population, a regular police force has been found unnecessary. They have disciplinary meetings when needed and the whole community votes on punishment if required. SCION special forces are over 2 weeks away but a small scouting party for SCION is stationed in the area and can lend assistance if necessary.


However, early in the apocalypse several members of Casita Del Sols core citizens came upon a large weapons cache and they are one of the most well armed colonies known.


History and Interesting Facts

  • Citizens of Casita Del Sol were all from the same town in the Before.
  • There are over 40 children in Casita Del Sol, outnumbering the adults.
  • With their weapons supply, each adult has access to over 5 firearms and over 200 rounds of ammunition each.
  • They have never had a zombie attack/infection or enemy encounter since their establishment in late 2011.
  • They welcome newcomers and are willing to send guides for new citizens to find their locations.