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Location: Southern California, North America

Adult Population:  250


Map Walk Through

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  1. Residential: Large neighborhood of pre-apocalypse homes. Usually houses two separate families and is distributed via lottery. Request for housing changes are handled monthly.
  2. Fresh Water Lake: Water source for community, being called Lake Diego
  3. Garden: Three acres of garden area adjacent to residential area
  4. Small Town: Small valley town with retail stores, auto garage, and other businesses used as meeting hall, workshops for trade, and storage.
  5. Road to Satellite monitoring facility at hidden location and connection to location where communication with nearby military takes place.


  • Community is surrounded by mountainous terrain, impenetrable by most infected and enemy numbers. Twenty four hour posted guards in accessible areas.
  • Only two access points with one secret emergency exit near lake.
  • Due to high population, new residences are being built in Small Town area while new citizens are housed in a grocery store.



Head of Community: Thomas Rivers

Military Liaison: Michael Gau

Supply Guru: Jamie Farwen

Residential Coordinators: Louis Gonzalez and Maria Juarez



Members of this community are split into three groups. Distribution into groups is determined by application and a rotation is in place for those who are suited for the different groups. First is a work force for farming, water treatment and skilled labor (technicians, electricians, doctors, etc). Second is comprised of members doing food preperation, clothing, working in general stores, and other light labor positions. The third is a specialized group that lives and works at the power plant and satellite monitoring facility.

Without a quarantine yard, any new comers are required to stay outside of the settlement until their safety can be determined.  There is a small group of homes reserved for this and after a 2-3 week period, they are evaluated by a nurse and allowed in if they are infection free.



Community Gatherings:

  • Monthly Administration Meetings
  • Weekly church services
  • Weekly training for those interested in working a different job
  • Bi-Monthly festivals
  • Regular scouting and traveling to outside areas for materials, food, and survivors



The first 200 colonists are housed in the homes located in the residential area. Most living situations are set, however a request can be made to change housing which is evaluated and voted on by the leadership on a monthly basis. New residents are housed in a dorm setting within a grocery store. New housing is being built, but materials for construction are in high demand, as well as skilled contractors and builders to help the work move smoother and faster. The workers at the power plant and satellite monitoring facility receive living accommodations near those locations.



Without a strong ability to produce useful goods or mass amounts of food, New San Diego relies on several other services to trade for their survival. Using the Satellite monitoring they are able to assist SCION with surveillance and receive a monthly ration shipment. They also trade charged batteries and power supplies to other colonies in exchange for needed goods.


Defense and Security

Peace Keeping Force: Volunteer military from adjacent base, numbering 100, SCION special forces available within 4 days.

Two electrified gates and fencing around access points on the roads that lead in and out of New San Diego.


History and Interesting Facts

  • New San Diego was established in late 2012 by a small group of survivors that were housed at the military base. They wanted to start their own society as well as get the power plant running again.
  • New San Diego is the only colony to enjoy twenty four hour electricity.
  • New San Diego has only had one zombie attack which was subdued a mile away from the entrance.
  • Proximity to military base has allowed them access to troops, weapons and excellent defensive capabilities
  • New San Diego is attempting to expand inland but without skilled workers they have been unable to realize their plans.