Omega / Immune

Status: Confirmed population of 200 – 300 with a voluntary number of 56 in SFA facilities to help with testing and research.


The Omega classification is given to those who have come into contact with the virus but do not succomb to it’s effects. As of now, it is thought that they possess a natural immunity to the viruses major effects on the body and may be infected with strains of the virus that are classified as 14 and below. Even with this defense, they retain an active strain of the virus within their blood and can infect others the same as a reanimated body can. They retain all of their functions including memory, intelligence and bodily requirements. There have been no cases of attack from an Omega without provocation and they tend to isolate themselves until they find others that are like them.



They look like their normal selves. However, the site of their infection usually remains open and does not heal or they grow back severely inflamed skin that is painful to the touch.



They tend to get other illnesses like flu and other common colds much more often. It is as if their immune systems are devoted entirely to fending off CRCV and do not tend to other attacks. They can die from almost any ailment and are very fragile.



Those infected but immune are ignored by all types of reported zombies. The working theory is that the virus recognizes hosts and does not repeat attacks once someone is infected. Omega’s have been known to live within groups of Beta zombies without harm and may even travel with them.



There is no need to exterminate an Omega type unless they prove to be a threat or danger. They are usually peaceful and more scared than aggressive. Caution must be taken when dealing with them as their saliva and blood is highly contagious. However they are usually helpful and well meaning people who simply want to be cured of this strange and terrible sickness.