Epsilon- Evolved / Tamed

Status: Extremely Rare



There is very little information on this zombie.  It is believed to be created from a weakened strain of the virus. It is believed that as the virus is transferred, it can change or weaken, causing subsequent infections to exhibit strange or mutated characteristics. An evolved zombie tends to decay at the same rate as the slow moving zombies, but can, in some cases, generate the hardened muscular structure of the AZ. They get their name from their seemingly advanced thought patterns. It is believed that the death and reanimation cycle of an Epsilon zombie is quicker than the other types. It stands to reason that the brain is reanimated quicker, retaining more of the basic functions of the human who lived before the infection. These functions include things like memories, elementary level thoughts (like an infant or toddler), and even basic emotions like feeling happiness or fear. This type of zombie has not been encountered in any groups of the previous types listed. It would seem these types of zombies are kept in close proximity to the people that were with them when they died and it has been documented that they do not attack those they knew before the infection and will follow basic commands. However, anyone else is fair game if they are not watched properly



This varies. They can resemble a Beta with greenish healed skin at point of infection. They may develop the scales and armor like appearance of the armored type. It is even reported that they do not look infected at all, instead they simply look pale and sickly at first sight.



Most of these types of zombies are cared for by loved ones and terminating them will be met with fierce resistance.