Gamma Type- AKA Armored Zombies, AZ, Dino’s, Rhino’s, Tanks, Scalies

 Status- Rare but active, population estimated in the thousands.


This type is caused by a mutation of the virus said to be from the dominance of the reptilian influence in either the 16th or 17th strain of the CRCV virus. These zombies are rare and formidable. They tend to travel alone or with only one other  of their kind. If seen with a group they are often in the back and do not seem to follow the same pattern of mindless hunting as the Beta’s. Not much is known since sighting of this type of zombie is quite rare.



Sightings of the Gamma zombies is said to be quite upsetting. They have a strange “scale” or “reptilian” skin that seems to  grow along the length of their muscles which are exposed due to the outer layers of skin decaying and falling off. They do not have eyes, instead the socket is filled with a small cluster of what looks like nerve endings, much like the pistols in a flower. They have the ability to sense movement and seem to have a keen sense of hearing. Their movements tend to be quick, but stiff and jerky and they are easily pushed off balance. There are reports that they do not attack with intent to devour their prey. They take a single bite and retreat. This seems to indicate that they have a focus on spreading the virus to new hosts, but this cannot really be proven. It has been rumored that they can regnerate body parts such as hands, feet and other extremities.



Due to their stiff muscular structure, they can be pushed off balance and outrun easily.



Armored skin causes normal blades and low caliber guns to be somewhat useless. There is a soft spot at the base of the spine and beneath the arms, but this is not effective in completely killing these zombies. They posses a lot of strength and can swing and punch quickly when in combat.



With their hardened exterior, a sharp blade or large caliber bullet must be used to pierce this layer and destroy the brain. Most blunt objects, such as a pole or baseball bat, are not ideal for taking out this type of zombie unless sharpened and used to impale the skull.