Beta Type- AKA Shamblers, Walkers, Slow-Moes, Zombies, Zoms, Z’s

Status- Active, population is in the millions and growing daily.  


This type is the product of an initial bite from an Alpha carrier or an attack from another Beta type on an uninfected human. They are flooded with the virus and have the highest level of degeneration of all the infected types.  Preliminary tests have shown that they incur the highest level of brain damage due to length of “death” before reanimation (at least an hour up to a full day). Result of this prolongued state of oxygen deprivation of the brain is little to no intelligence and reliance on basic instinct to direct actions (feeding and spreading the virus is the main drive for these creatures).

They tend to travel in large numbers due to the stimulation of the group as a whole and do not follow any sort of organization or companionship. It has been seen that they can be drawn to Alphas and seem to follow simple commands or instructions to move, stop, and attack. They are known to devour large portions of their kills, but in recent months it is seen that they do less damage allowing the subsequent kill to rise up with less damage and more ability to thrive with the virus inside. The virus is known to degenerate with each subsequent kill, causing a new type of infected to be classified (see Gamma Type). There is some evidence of minor mutation of the virus within a Beta type, but more research must be done to identify the exact symptoms of change.



Decayed, rotting corpses. Eyes are foggy and may be covered with a clear membrane. Despite this horrible look, the virus has actually changed to facilitate minor regeneration and healing in most Beta zombies. They may have exposed bones, organs, or muscle tissue if they are “fresh”, however in “older” infected you will see healing in the form of rough bumpy tissue that is inflamed with a reddish/green color. The exposed area may also be dried out and will flake away to reveal this healed tissue beneath the dead flesh. They have a foul odor and will excrete blackish/brown blood matter and waste.



Slow,  lack muscle coordination, and poor intelligence. They are easily distracted, following sounds and stimuli to find prey. Their eyesight is generally poor but they rely on hearing and touch to navigate, making darkness ineffective as cover.



They do not feel fear, pain, hunger, or fatigue. They are relentless. They can be silent or emit long low growls, moans and groans. One bite or scratch can mean infection and death. They usually travel in large numbers allowing them the power of overwhelming their targets.



The brain must be destroyed in any way possible. If the brain is left in tact, they will continue to move and go after prey, motivated by a virus wishing to populate, spread, and stay “alive”.