Alpha Type – AKA Howlers, Originals, Zero’s (Derived from Patient Zero or Ground Zero), and ET’s (based on their strange “alien-like” appearance)

 Status- Active, population thought to be between 50,000 and 80,000 worldwide.


These poor souls are said to be the original human test subjects for the CRCV-15 virus.  This group included 100,000 subjects across the world in almost every country. They possess a high intelligence level and the ability to adapt and mutate the virus within their bodies. They are known to infect others with a single bite or scratch or by spitting a yellow mucus into the eyes. They can manipulate and “command” lesser types of infected and are known to travel in groups of 3 or 4 with at least a dozen of their infected “submissives” following them. Cases have been reported of Master Howlers commanding hundreds of sub’s at once.



Humanoid, hairless.  Genitals are fused over with a layer of skin, causing these creatures to be asexual in nature. Skin is usually pale or grayish in tone. Eyes do not dilate. Tests have revealed they possess a beating heart and some functioning organs. They are usually seen wearing some sort of hospital gown or clothing that resembles pajama’s. They require some food and water to remain alive and are known to hunt animals to fulfill this need. They do not smell of decay but may have an odor of sweat, garbage, or other elements they may have come into contact with.



Due to their lack of control over the dilation of their eyes any bright light directed into the eyes can repel or disable an Alpha type. They tend to stay out of the sun (due to their hairless condition and possible sensitive skin) and are seen mainly at night, dusk, and dawn. Their bones are usually weak and can be broken with well placed blows.



Organized, intelligent, can communicate and strategize. They have an uncanny ability to heal from injuries and will retreat when hurt. They are agile and can run, jump,climb, and manipulate barricades and locked doors. They tend to hunt and will pursue their prey for long distances.



Shots to the head, decapitation or destruction of the brain are the fastest and most effective methods. However they can be killed by massive body trauma like fire or acid.