In the summer of 2012, the leading powers of the world gathered in the United States at an undisclosed location to hold a meeting. The goal of this convention was to get an idea of who was in charge, what their capabilities were, and to see what sort of working relationship could be reached between the governing bodies. All of these things would occur with one unforeseen result: a large divide was formed between the more totalitarian regimes and those who preferred democracy and freedom.

Two major powers on each side of the line were established. One was the UDF, boasting the largest alliance known with the Free Arab Zone and claiming leadership over the largest section of the United States. On the other side was SCION, a collective of many smaller groups that joined together to unite against the imposing power of the UDF. While there was no declaration of war or conflict, a sort of “cold war” was introduced that placed the two sides against each other.

Also present at this even was the SFA, a group of intellectuals who remained neutral throughout the conference. They pledged to continue their research into the virus and provide any help they could with discovering a cure or treatment for CRCV.

At the conclusion of the Summit, each group went their own way pledging to meet up again in three years time.

The next Summit is scheduled for 2015.