You may wish to visit, settle, or trade with an existing colony or settlement. This section will give you detailed information on each one and will be updated as they are discovered or created. If you would like to add your settlement to this list, please contact


Below is a list of all registered settlements and colonies. Some have submitted maps and brief overviews of what they have to offer, if so, please click their link to learn more.

ICA Colony Directory:

1. Mayweather Village

Location: Nebraska

Leader: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ellis

Current Adult Population: 78

Other: Farming community with small population, produces an abundance of food that they use for trade


2. Soloman’s Range

Location: Kansas

Leader: Soloman Gardner

Current Adult Population: 188

Other: Reclusive community does not wish to share much data. Welcome to travelers and newcomers who can prove their worth.


3. Perch City

Location: North Dakota

Leader: Jennifer Lowman

Current Adult Population: 77

Other: Located in a secluded and rural area, they rely heavily on trade to survive. They have a large animal population that they use to trade.


4. The Uplands

Location: Minnesota

Leader: Pastor Winters

Current Adult Population 385

Other: Large farming community with a very strong spiritual base. Welcome to all who are willing to follow their rules and practices.


SCION Settlements Directory:

1. Geneva Bay
Location: Northern Oregon near the coast
Leader: Kevin Miller
Current Adult Population: 180
Other: Has a flourishing fishing community, wood working, recycling of plastics and metals

2. Faith Harbor
Location: Southern Oregon near the coast
Leader: Melanie Rogers
Current Adult Population: 296
Other: Large horse, cow, and sheep farm, good fishing, large community enclosed within triple layer fencing

3. New San Diego
Location: North of San Diego
Leader: Thomas Rivers
Current Adult Population: 250
Other: Currently running nuclear power plant for electricity needs, houses a large satellite monitoring facility, works with friendly military at Camp Pendleton settlement

4. St. Sebastian
Location: Inner California near Nevada border
Leader: Mr. and Mrs. Jose Sanchez
Current Adult Population: 503
Other: Boasts large population, large trading economy, runs many large farms with fresh fruit, vegetables, cows, chickens and other livestock, currently looking for skilled persons to get electricity and water running

5. Casita Del Sol
Location: Arizona/ Mexico border area, near an  inland lake
Leader: Marcus Lopez
Current Adult Population: 27
Other: Horse farm, Has a large working dog population good for guard and farm animals, very small population with extremely secure location, large weapons cache

6. Horizon Valley
Location: South Texas near Mexico
Leader: Devon Jackson
Current Adult Population: 188
Other: Has a fully staffed hospital and working to create medicines like aspirin, penicillin, andantibiotics, electricity provided by a fully functional solar farm

7. New Hope
Location: Yellowstone National Forest
Leader: Scott Patrewsky
Current Adult Population: 424
Other: Large population is spread out over large area with diverse trade and work opportunities, trade ranges from animal fur and meat to ammunition and clothing, most communities have no electricity, only colony to have full time SCION Special Forces in place.

8. Traverse Islands
Location: Several Islands in the Great Lakes Area
Leader: Carlos Rivera, Brian Stokes, and Jennifer Maloney
Current Adult Population: 42
Other: 5 fully secured islands, runs several farms on two islands with lots of supplies to trade, near a UDF run factory that is watched 24/7.

9. Lighthouse Village
Location: Northern Maine near the coast
Leader: Captain Granger and Hannah Brown
Adult Population: 240
Other: Large farming and animal focus, builds boats and wagons, Has many conflicts with UDF, well armed and guarded

10. Tundra Town
Location: Middle Alaska, near coast
Leader: Henry Ashton
Adult Population: 57
Other: Largely fishing for trade, science and research facility, guarded by SFA military unit, very small population, looking for more civilians, no zombie sightings for an entire year.