SFA is an acronym that stands for Searching For Answers.


This group is widely known for being generous, peaceful and informational. However, their origins and goals are shrouded in mystery and intrigue. They seem to have more resources and information than anyone else. How did they know so much? Read more to find out.



The SFA is a group of scientists, engineers, and doctors that organized before the virus was a threat. Their mission statement has always included the belief that a cataclysmic event would occur that would deconstruct the civilized world. For many years they stock piled resources and built well fortified locations all over the world to become sanctuaries of science, research, and knowledge in the case that their predictions were to come true. They were funded by corporations, non profit organizations, and private donations for decades, allowing them to be the most prepared for what happened after the zombie apocalypse. It is rumored that many influential people are housed within their compounds, though none have been confirmed.

There is a large contingent of SFA members who were directly involved in the process of creating, researching, and developing the CRCV virus. Many of them saw it’s potential but wanted to be as close to its origins as possible so that they could keep that information safe. While some left the project early when they realized what it was capable of, many of them continued to be closely associated with the research months after V-Day.

An in depth look at medical journals and other research publications would show that there was always a voice from the SFA to stop the research and prevent the catastrophe that resulted. However, they were largely written off as paranoid and nothing was ever done to prove or deny their statements about how dangerous CRCV actually was.

It is said that hundreds of people with their families fled to facilities a mere week before the outbreak, as if they had advanced knowledge of what was about to happen. No one is sure if they tried to warn anyone, but there are rumors that the government censored any attempts they made to get word out and several internet websites were shut down before anyone could get wind of what they  knew was coming.


Research and Development

The SFA has state of the art facilities in secret locations around the globe. They conduct non stop research on the virus searching for treatments, vaccines and hopefully a final cure to eliminate the threat or help to reverse the viruses effect on those who have been infected for only short periods of time. They are also cataloging the different mutations and strains in order to have a complete understanding of CRCV. They are thought to be the only organization that has every type in storage.


Political Standing

The SFA is one of the few neutral organizations in the world. They use their capability to manufacture advanced technology to help anyone who is able to ask. They do not take payment or trade for their services, instead only hoping to stabilize a world that has gone completely mad.



The SFA has been known to provide the following types of services and supplies for the world at large:

*Agricultural advances like fertilizer, chemical free pesticides, and green house technology

*Solar power

*Gasoline additives and alternatives


*Computer and technological devices

*Satellite and Internet support and connections

*Medication such as vaccines, anti biotics, and insulin

*New technology not invented or widely used in the Before such as tablets, smart phones, and communication devices in the form of watches and ear buds

If there is anything invented, it more than likely will come from the SFA.