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SCION is an acronym that stands for Society of Citizens with Independence united under One Nation.



SCION was formed in 2012 as a Survivor Collective of leaders and their trusted advisers. They communicated using a secured SFA network and were brought together with their common goals of helping the survivors maintain a way of life, freedom, the ability to trade, and pursue their own dream of safety in a new world. They began to organize the Summit and drew together powers from all over the globe to come together and have discussions on the current state of the world, where it could be headed and how they could work together to make sure that the future was the best that it could possibly be.

During the Summit, SCION was announced and several more leaders decided to make an alliance with this group of strong and capable leaders. They soon realized that together they could begin to rival the overpowering UDF in resources and influence. Contingents from South America, the South Pacific Islands, Canada, Great Britain, Poland, and France all banded together with those from the United States to show a unified front to a group that had all but threatened to take over everything they had worked so hard to establish for their respective communities.

Since the Summit, they have solidified their agreements, created an organized leadership and amassed a small but well trained group of troops to help police the SCION colonies and maintain peace with the UDF or engage in conflict if the need arises.


Belief System

SCION clings to the principles and beliefs of the former democratic republics of the world. Personl freedom, justice within a set of laws, order maintained by a governing force and open trade are just a few of their corner stones. Their leaders allow for all independent communities to create these rules and regulations as they see fit to maintain their own safety and peace but do enforce a code of fairness and equality much like the Constitution of the now inactive United States Government. They support research into defense against the zombie virus and oppose those who would make it into a weapon.

The main goal of their alliance is to maintain the structure that allows freedom for all citizens and protects them from any tyranny or dictatorship that may attempt to remove their rights.



Kat and her community at Lake Piru are members of the SCION alliance. While Kat trusts and maintains communications with this group, members of the site do not have to join into the same alliance. Kat is able to share any resources or information freely and members are not compelled to decide one way or another. However, if any community or survivor wishes to join, they are always welcome.



SCION offers the following resources to it’s members:

*A large number of flourishing colonies open for settlers. They are confirmed safe, maintain a constant security force, farms and agriculture, housing and usually offer a wide variety or occupations and trades for citizens to engage in. You can find a listing of the colonies here.

*Supplies for solo members or small groups including food, medicine and tools

*Transportation and Escorts across hostile territory or between settlements

*Medical treatment at clinics and way stations all around the country. Services include surgery, physical therapy, prenatal care and more.

*Security and Defense in the form of their armed forces and patrols at established colonies. They assist in training, arming, and support of all, alliance members. They will come to the aid of anyone they encounter and will defend their borders and territories. They can be contacted to help with zombie infestations and threats as well.