Here is a list of groups that are no longer in power. While they are no longer in charge of survivors, their impact is still felt. This list will be updated as more groups join the ranks of the fallen.

  • SMC (Friendly)–

Also known as the Survivor Military Corps, this group has been absorbed by SCION. Made up of the remaining active military personnel from the now lost United States of America, they originated out of direct opposition to the UDF.  Before merging with SCION they maintained control of several military bases, prisons, and a fleet of naval airships. All of these resources are now at the disposal of SCION and are used to maintain freedom and peace for the survivors who seek it.



  • Military (Unknown Status)-


The United States Military, along with the military strength of the rest of the world, was overwhelmed when the epidemic hit. Widespread panic and terror coupled with ravenous monsters that didn’t die easily made tactical warfare nearly impossible. While the President was still able to give commands he ordered a series of “suppressive attacks” on major cities. He received extreme criticism and was only able to execute a half dozen of these bombings before they were stopped. It is unclear what the statuses of the remaining bombs are. It is possible they could be lost forever, or simply waiting to be used.


It was inevitable that with the breakdown of civilization and the mass hysteria that had taken over, that the military would either rise to the top or get trampled under the stampede. It was clear that the latter was the case, and soon all semblance of order in the armed forces was lost. They began to scatter, fragmenting into units and infantries just fighting to stay alive and save as many civilians as they could. Several went rogue, taking what they could and disappearing into the fray. The remaining groups retreated to military bases, naval ships at sea, and prisons or other secure facilities that they could commandeer. The maintained open lines with the Presidents bunker, but that didn’t last for long.


When communications with the President ceased, a division was created in the ranks of the military. While they all began with common goals, after the dust has settled, it would seem their focus has changed dramatically. The majority of the armed forces split into two major factions: The UDF and the SMC.

Currently, the United States Military has been disbanded.