U.D.F. aka UDF

This acronym stands for the United Defense Forces. They claim to be a group of ex-military working with the remaining citizens of the United States to create a new government and society operating within the rules that dictate a world filled with a deadly virus and the walking dead. They renounce all previous military control and do not recognize any of the former US government officials or rules. They want to create new society that rejects existing laws. According to their philosophy, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are outdated and impossible to implement after the crash of the organization that was in place before.  Instead they are known for their aggressive tactics and cruel treatment of those who do not succumb to their will. They believe that in such a dangerous environment, a more totalitarian rule is required.


History of the UDF:


This organization began with the appearance of luxury and safety. Due to their quick ascension to power and control over well supplied military installations, their citizens found shelter in extremely safe and organized locations with sustainable food sources and modern amenities like electricity and running water. Initially, life in UDF settlements was good. Citizens shared responsibility and enjoyed rewarding recreational activities and the sense of  a normal life in the midst of the chaos. Leadership seemed fair and they were able to recruit a large number of survivors across the continent.

This facade soon crumbled as the UDF leaders began to show their true colors. In their push for power and dominance, the lives of their citizens changed. The focus shifted from happiness and safety to amassing soldiers, weapons, and resources. Work camps were opened in factories and industrial buildings to facilitate the manufacture of items such as weapons and ammunition. They also acquired large tracts of land for farming and agriculture to help maintain their large population.

In order to staff these facilities, the UDF switched from a voluntary recruiting process to forced slave labor. They sent out groups of soldiers called “Fishermen” to round up unsuspecting survivors and take them prisoner to work in these camps. When the voluntary citizens began to learn of this, many of them attempted to revolt against these methods. They were quickly silenced and shipped off to join the work force. It soon became apparent that you either joined the UDF willingly or faced the consequences. Those who pledged allegiance and showed loyalty were given superior treatment and while some still had to work in factories their living conditions were better and they had more personal time.

While most of their population now lives in unspoken fear, there are many who believe in the methods of the UDF and feel that they must sacrifice the few to help the many as they work towards becoming the most powerful force in the world.


Recruiting and Conditioning:

This militaristic group uses many methods to recruit. While their aggressive methods of forced labor are now frowned upon, there are still reports of Fishermen attempting to collect loners and stragglers that are found in the Neutral zones. Larger groups have been known to disappear within UDF territory while others complain of harassment, theft, and abuse when passing through these areas. Any reports of this activity have been discounted as outside of the scope of UDF control, but this does not excuse them of pardoning this behavior. It is recommended that UDF territory and traveling parties be avoided at all times.

There are rumors that they are sending out secret agents who target the more lawless groups in the wilds. They offer them supplies, drugs, and weapons in exchange for their support. This information has not been confirmed but it is highly likely that most lawless organizations receive some support from the UDF in exchange for information, loyalty, and volunteers to fight if the need arises.

A more prevalent method of recruitment is through supply wagons and rallies. The UDF sends out groups that give food, medicine, and other essentials to small communities. They conduct “cleanings” of zombies that may surround settlements and erect tents in which to hold rallies to ally people with their cause. It is easy for them to fool others because there is no media and no communication to share what the UDF is really all about to the masses. Most people have find out the hard way.

The final recruiting method that the UDF employs is through the internet. They control approximately 45% of the servers and databases that offer web services to the people who find ways to connect. With this amount of control they influence everything that can be found, flooding their webpages with propaganda and false advertising. Any dissension is removed from their sites and most people are unaware that they are in control of so much.

Once a person chooses to join the UDF, they are usually sent to one of their many training camps. These facilities are the hub for their sophisticated brain washing techniques and after a month, citizens are assigned to an area based on how receptive they are. As mentioned, those who follow willingly are given the more favorable positions while the resistors are put to work in awful conditions. It is obvious that fear is their greatest tool but most are helpless to stop them in the face of their numbers and strength.


UDF Alliances

At the 2012 Summit of Leaders, the UDF revealed their alliance with the Middle Eastern Safe Zone. These countries have a very low infection rate and have closed off their borders. They do, however, still need things like food and other supplies, so their alliance with the UDF has allowed them to trade highly coveted oil in exchange for these types of goods. They communicate with satellite phones and have a fleet of transport planes that allow them to exchange goods. The UDF has put one oil refinery back into working condition but they are working on several dozen more. With this type of power they have quickly become a force to be reckoned with.


Viral Research


It is confirmed that the UDF has several facilities where research of the Lazarus Virus (or CRCV) is conducted. They are guilty of performing gruesome experiments on the living in order to learn its secrets so that they can control it better. They have been known to use the following code names for the virus: Pharoah’s Cure, Z Offensive, and Infinity Viral Tech (IVT). They have not been able to harness the virus or create any type of cure or vaccine. Be wary of any UDF research locations.




UDF has control of 3 Naval Airships, but only a few pilots to fly the aircraft remain. They actively seek out pilots and other skilled personnel to join their ranks. They control large portions of farmland and have been able to provide food for thousands. Their cleaning operations have helped to eliminate large groups of zombies, however, with the ratio of humans to zombies being something like 1:20,000, their efforts are merely a dent in a global issue that will be a threat for many more years, even decades.

They also manufacture weapons, ammunition, electronics, and vehicles.



Here are a few names of the leadership of the UDF that would be good to know.

General Malachai Calhoun – Leader

Lt. General Mark Flemming – Second in Command

Secretary of World Affairs Kendra James – Diplomat and Representative for UDF at most functions

Trade Czar Louis Gravel – Controls all trade

Population Supervisors Bob Lakewood and Theresa McNab – Representatives for civilian population



The UDF is a powerful force in this new world, however their motives are for dominance and control. They do not allow much freedom and are willing to kill as many as possible to maintain their leadership. While they maintain a presence in the World Council, they are not to be trusted outright. They will do whatever they feel is needed to gain more power. They are dangerous and those who choose to align with them do so at their own risk. The UDF is the largest enemy that free survivors face in the United States.