The History of Humanity Scar




February 15th, on a day known as V-Day due to it’s proximity to valentines day, the world would be forever changed. News of a deadly virus began to spread, television and internet seeming to cease all programming to focus solely on this fatal illness that had been unleashed on the worlds population. This was no ordinary outbreak, this virus was unlike anything that had ever been seen before.

Those infected with the virus were dead within days, but they did not stay that way.  It became clear that zombies, the nightmares lived out in movies and books, had been made real, and there was no way to escape them. Many did not believe it until it was too late and the wave of death and horror swept over the land.

Within days the planet was altered to an unrecognizable state. Despite the attempts of the military and government, there was no way to stop the world from crumbling. Communications broke down, military actions became sporadic, and survivors were forced to fend for themselves.

Major cities and towns fell, countries dissolved within days, chaos ruled everything. Those who were able to survive were scattered, the ability to trust strangers more and more perilous as the unsavory nature of others manifested in terrifying ways. The undead ruled the land, filling every shadow and corner with danger. It was a constant battle, no place was safe. More people died in the year after the outbreak than could have ever been imagined. It is still unknown what the number of casualties of the virus were in that first year, but the impact on humanity was devastating.

Survivors formed small groups, usually family and and friends, and tried to find a place to live that was free from monsters or human terrors. It would not be easy. Life took on a bleak and almost hopeless outlook. What was there lift to live for?



The world is in shambles. Whatever is left of society wanders the globe, trying to find safety from massive hoards of undead. Communication is sparse and very little is known about what the virus is and how to fight it. Communities, fractured and weak, slowly begin to form from what is left of the human race.

In April 2011, is established and soon a new type of bond is created. People from all over the world are able to connect, share their stories and experiences, compile their knowledge, and teach one another. This new community gave hope and a will to live to more and more of the survivors of the apocalypse.



Humanity is growing stronger. This is manifested in positive and negative ways.

On the positive side, more and more survivors are able to group together and create well defended and flourishing colonies and settlements. Trade is increasing along with communication and cooperation. Several groups have risen to power to facilitate the freedom and safety of the masses. While there is still a enormous threat from the virus and the monsters it creates, the hope that it can be beaten and the world can be recovered is kept alive.

However, there is a dark side. The power that has been distributed is also exhibited in the hands of the greedy and ruthless. Several dangerous groups have amassed followers and prove to be a great threat to those who do not wish to be under their control. Not only do they show themselves as an enemy to people who do not follow them, they begin to enslave and kill all who do not succumb to their will. It is a dark time and the world must find it’s balance in order to maintain peace.

During the summer of this year, the Summit was held, solidifying major powers present in the world. Included in this group was the UDF and SCION.


2013 – Summer 2014:

A fog begins to descend on humanity. While the settlements continue to flourish and new innovations are discovered, the zombie threat continues to rise. New mutations and strains of the virus are discovered. What was thought to be a diminishing population of undead is found to be just as massive and dangerous as ever before. Long standing communities are forced to move, new towns are destroyed by zombie hoards, disease and illness can decimate entire populations.

To add to this chaos, the negative powers are gaining more strength and extending their reach into every corner they can. Their threat is undeniable and during the winter of  2013 a massive communications take over is started. The UDF, in accordance with several other groups, work to capture and shut down every internet server that they can and the event being called the Blackout occurs. This Blackout will be sustained for almost a year and for the members of, they wonder if their community will ever rise again.


Present Day:

Kat and the tech team at Piru, have found a way to re-establish internet servers all around the United States and to a selection of other countries (Great Britain, New Zealand, South America to name a few). With months of hard work they have upgraded their security and established top secret server locations, satellite connections and more. With these tools they are distributing information through the NOMAD trade system and email to notify members that they will be up and running soon. When the network is restored the site opens once more.  As the Humanity Scar community returns, they are fearful at first. With some time they soon realize that Kat, the leader of the site they trusted for years, is back and better than ever. They know that she has their safety as her top priority and they begin to resume their community postings for themselves, each other, and the rest of the world.


This is where you come in.


You are a survivor. You have made it this far. It is now your time to join in the fight, to connect with others, and defend what you believe in. You have many obstacles: the virus, zombies, rogues and thieves, the UDF and other powerful threats; but none of these things can keep you down. You are not alone. You know you must move forward.


You are the Humanity Scar.


Your background with Kat and the HumanityScar Site:

As a survivor, it is common to ask yourself questions. Who can be trusted? How can we get back to normal? The truth of the matter is, there is no normal and trust can only be given to those who have earned it.

You are one of the survivors and it is your job to find out what your purpose is in this whole new world. You have found a way to connect to what is left of the internet and found a place of safety and integrity with Kat Lacey. She is the leader of a large colony of survivors in California and has actively sought out other survivors to join her network of support, discovery, and friendship.

Before joining you have communicated with her and her staff at Camp Piru extensively, learning everything you can about what she stands for and how she operates. You have decided to trust her and have made the choice to join with the rest of the survivors on her network. You decide to post so that you can tell your stories, explore your futures, and breathe hope into the future of a world destroyed.

On the site you will find others who have gone through things just like you and learn about experiences you did not know were real. Through posting and reading, you will learn, teach, and weave your life with the others who are left standing. This is a world of  perseverance, bravery, survival, love, betrayal, fear, triumph, defeat, and hope.  You are a part of that world.

The future is ours to take.