Character Profile FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Character Profiles.

If you would like to create a profile, please fill out this form. If your character is eligible you will receive a PM notifying you of more details.

  • What is a Character Profile? Don’t I have one on the Forum?
    • Yes, all members relieve a default profile on the Humanity Scar Forum. However, characters who post on a regular basis (classified as at least four times every two weeks) receive a more detailed profile that features badges that are earned through various accomplishments like winning contests, posting a certain number of times, or participating in an event.


  • What is a badge?
    • A badge is an icon that is displayed on a members profile. It is like a token of achievement that members can show to others.


  • How do I get a profile?
    • If you are an active member you should receive a PM notifying you that you are eligible for a profile. It will give you a link to the Character Profile Form which will ask a few questions to complete the page. Once you have submitted the form, a profile will be created and a link mailed to you. The same applies to RPG Characters / Adventurers who receive a profile automatically upon registration.


  • Is there a difference between an RPG Character Profile and a Survivor Profile?
    • Yes, they will have different information and badges. If you have an Adventurer classification, you will have two profiles.


  • What is a Main Character?
    • A Main Character is a member who posts at least 4 times a week. Their high rate of participation means they are critical to the site and therefore classified as Main Characters.


  • What is the Character of the Month?
    • The Character of the month is a Main Character chosen randomly each month. They are featured on the Character Page and receive a special badge. Character’s of the month can only hold that position once every 4 months. If for some reason there is only one Main Character, then they will retain that position until more characters qualify.


  • What if I never get chosen to be Character of the Month? I don’t think that’s fair!
    • Since this process is random, we will try to cover all characters equally. The incentive here is to post often and be active in the community. This will ensure that you will get selected as Character of the Month at some point.


  • How do I get on the RPG Leader Board?
    • The RPG Leader Board is reserved for RPG Characters and Adventurers. While participating in an RPG Adventure they earn points that get added to a grand total and the top 5 players are featured on the Leader Board.


  • If I am not on the Leader Board do I still get a profile?
    • Yes, all RPG characters get a profile as soon as they register.


  • What happens to my profile if I go on Hiatus?
    • Your profile will still be available on the Characters on Hiatus Page. These profiles are minimized and do not show all of the information. When you return to an active status you will get your normal profile back.


  • Can I change the information on my profile?
    • Yes, if you would like to submit a change you can fill out a Profile Update Form and it will be adjusted for you.