NPC Profiles

Character Name: Casper Class: Mechanic / Engineer Bio: Casper can fix anything that needs fixing. He has worked on cars all his life and his knowledge translates into working on anything with an engine or a motor. He travels around fixing and building vehicles to trade for supplies.


Character Name: Irene Winters Class: Technician Bio: Irene, a technician with the Research and Development Division of the SFA, is one of the most talented inventors left alive on the planet. Able to make prototypes form limited materials, she has helped to invent and bring to life several things to […]

Irene Winters

Character Name: Calvin Class: Survivalist Bio: An avid camper and wilderness expert, Calvin has lived outside of the city for most of his life. The destruction of electricity, grocery stores, and transportation meant little to him, as his life off the grid had him living without long before it became […]


Character Name: Draco Class: Spy Bio: Draco is a free agent, working for the highest bidder. You want information? You want something “rescued”? You need someone to get inside and unlock the door for you? He’s your man… for the right price.


Character Name: Natasha Class: Spy Bio: Natasha, a second generation immigrant from Russia, found herself recruited into the CIA as soon as she left college. With a degree in criminal psychology, mastery of several languages, and a keen eye for details, she was soon an agent deep under cover all […]


Character Name: Lark Johnson Class: Mystic Bio: Lark is a free spirit who sees amazing things all around her. Even in the face of the undead, she finds the brighter side of the situation. She believes in a higher power, a spirit that lives in everything and guides her along […]

Lark Johnson

Character Name: Sister Elva Class: Spiritualist Bio: A long standing nun with the Catholic Church, Sister Elva seeks to help heal and comfort the survivors that are left in this bleak world. Traveling with a group of priests, she bestows her kindness and blessing on all who welcome her. She […]

Sister Elva

Character Name: Chase Jones Class: Soldier Bio: Part of a unit of Marines sent into Los Angeles to rescue some VIP’s, Chase is a seasoned soldier. In contact with Kat from the beginning, he is trusted to give accurate and essential information on the movement of what remains of the […]

Chase Jones

Character Name: Heidi Class: Socialite Bio: Heidi was born with “old money” and has always been pampered and coddled. The apocalypse found her living in a “safe house” with a friend, fully fortified and stocked to last them for the next decade without issue. She has been able to assemble […]


Character Name: Landon McBride Class: Scientist Bio: The only survivor of a destroyed SFA facility in the Northeastern United States, Landon has more information on the virus than most survivors can dream of. He travels alone, trying to find a working SFA facility and resume his research. During his journey, […]

Landon McBride

Character Name: Dodger Class: Scavenger Bio: Part of a small group of nomadic survivors, Dodger is an excellent scavenger. He can find useful things in what looks like a pile of trash. His skills allow him to create new ways to use items, recycling and re-purposing things from shoelaces and […]


Character Name: Gary Towers Class: Ranger Bio: An animal lover and trainer, Gary Towers is skilled with all kinds of wildlife. From training a wild horse to keeping wild dogs away from your camp, he can share a wide variety of information. Not only that, he prides himself on his […]

Gary Towers

Character Name: Raymond Mensky Class: Politician Bio: Assistant to one of the aides of the former Vice President, Raymond has always had his finger on the pulse of the government in the United States and beyond. Relatively young at 37 years old, he always had dreams of bigger and better […]

Raymond Mensky

Character Name: Sparky Class: Neurotic Bio: Diagnosed early with several serious mental disorders, Sparky was catapulted into full fledged insanity once the virus hit the population. Breaking out of the institution where he was being kept, Sparky has bounced from group to group, staying for a few days or months […]


Character Name: Claire Brown Class: Medic Bio: Claire was the head nurse of her hospital when the epidemic hit. Initially quarantined inside its walls, she was witness to terrors nobody has lived to talk about it. She was able to escape with a few of her co-workers and has been […]

Claire Brown

Character Name: Everest Class: Loner Bio: Everest watched everyone around him die, and something inside of him changed. Sliding into darkness, he has avoided groups of survivors at all costs, choosing solitude and self reliance as his sanctuary. He keeps himself distant from everyone, choosing to bond more closely with […]


Character Name: Adam Fox (Goes by Fox) Class: Leader Bio: Fox has always been a natural leader and the apocalypse seemed to put him in the place to do just that. Watching over a massive group of over 300 survivors in the Appalachian mountain area is no small task, but […]

Adam Fox

Character Name: Felicity Cravatt Class: Innocent Bio: At 18 years old, Felicity has lived her last years as a child in a nightmare. Separated from her firefighter father and chef mother, she went to a food bank to get supplies after the quarantine was enacted. She never left that library […]

Felicity Cravatt

Character Name: Diane Booth Class: Intellectual Bio: She wouldn’t call herself a genius, but all signs would point to that being exactly the case. Diane was always a little bit quirky, a little bit strange, but always bright and extremely insightful. She sees things that others completely miss and can […]

Diane Booth

Character Name: Bear Class: Hunter Bio: Trained in the craft from his early years, there isn’t much in the way of hunting that Bear can’t do. Despite his violent craft, he holds a reverent respect for animals and only kills what he needs. He travels aimlessly, bringing food to the […]


Character Name: Dusty Class: Laborer Bio: Dusty Magraw is a jack of all trades. He can do a little of this and a little of that. He travels with a small group of traders, exchanging his skills for supplies. He has a lot of knowledge and likes to learn. His […]


Character Name: Trenton Perot Class: Farmer / Laborer Bio: Trenton is a hard working man with a good work ethic. He was able to protect most of his farm in Nebraska from looters and zombies, surrounding hundreds of acres of land with a sturdy fence over the past year. He […]

Trenton Perot

Character Name: Matthew Dupre Class: Defender Bio: Chief Dupre was never in the military. He was never a police officer or a security guard. As a matter of fact, he hardly ever held a job in the Before. When the virus hit he was sure he’d be dead within days, […]

Matthew Dupre

Character Name: Agatha Monroe Class: Caretaker Bio: Agatha is the mother of 5 children, all surviving in a fortified home located miles from the nearest city. She has a keen sense of survival and has kept her family strong and thriving through the terrible times that have befallen them. She […]

Agatha Monroe

Character Name: Mason Fielder Class: Berzerker Bio: A warrior, a fighter, a zombie slayer. Mason Fielder makes no jokes about what his mission is. He is alive for one thing, and that’s to make sure zombies go to their final resting place. He has a band of like minded allies […]

Mason Fielder

Character Name: Violet Class: Artisan Bio: In the Before, Violet could be seen most nights singing and dancing on stage in Las Vegas. A natural performer, she loves to put on a show and make people smile. She now travels with what can only be called a “Carnival” of survivors, […]


Character Name: Talon Status: Active NPC Class: Anarchist Bio: Travelling with a small band of followers, Talon moves in the shadows, scavenging, looting, and surviving the best he knows how. He often comes across groups of settlers who welcome him and his crew, but the arrangements tend to deteriorate quickly due […]