World Events

Here you will find information on the World Events that will be posted on the Survivors Forum.

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World Events FAQ


  • What is a World Event?
    • A World Event (WE) is a posting made by an NPC (Non Player Character) that will detail something happening in the Humanity Scar universe. These events will be a way to provide information to Survivors, add to their own story lines, and create an ever changing dynamic to the universe of Humanity Scar.


  • Where do I find the World Events?
    • World Events can be found in the Humanity Scar Sentinel. A link to the articles will be posted on the forum when they become available.


  • How often do World Events occur?
    • World Events can happen at any time, at least once a month. There may be as many as 4 World Events per month.


  • Can I write about a World Event?
    • Of course! One of the main goals of this new feature is to give you more information to include in your characters story. To help with this, the NPC will often ask for help or information and this will be the time for Survivors to pitch in. Based on your location and resources, you will be able to contribute to the story line and add the World Event to your own character’s life.


  • What if I don’t live close enough to help with a WE. Can I still do something?
    • There are always methods to helping. As mentioned above, you can provide information to the NPC or simply be a voice of encouragement. Having knowledge of a World Event will also help to reveal information you can use at a later date.