What is Humanity Scar?

Hello and welcome to the Humanity Scar!

This may look like a normal place to read stories, view media and discuss various topics with others. However, there is more to this place than meets the eye. Humanity Scar is actually an interactive role playing site based on a new series of books, Humanity Scar, written by Monique Doucette. These novels are about survivors of a zombie apocalypse and their journey to not only survive the end of the world as they knew it, but also to discover what they truly believe in and who they really are. The Humanity Scar book series is currently being published as an e-book and you can find more information in one of the following posts.

Before you dive in, it is important that you make yourself familiar with what this place is all about. There are several sections of the website that you should explore to discover exactly what this place is all about. The most important part of site is the Forum. Here I will detail each section so that you can pick what you would like to view first.


It is important to note that as a guest, you will only be able to see a limited view of theĀ forums. This is the first reason to make the decision to sign up as a member. Once that is done, you will have access to several new sections that will open up the world for you. Lets go over the sections so that you can better understand.

Survivors Forum:

The Survivors Section of the forum is where the majority of the role playing takes place. Members that register as Survivors are able to post here as people who have lived through the terror of a zombie apocalypse. They write about their experiences, tragedies, triumphs and discoveries. Everyone has a different story and things can change in an instant. You can think of this place like a living story where things change all of the time and everything is controlled by the members and what they choose to write about!


Adventures is an area for a traditional RPG experience. Here, members registered as RPG Characters or Adventurers are led through a structured story by a Story Teller. They must make decisions, use skills and items, and work together to reach a set of goals in the time period allotted. This is a fast paced area that has new stories every month (or as they become available).


The next section of the board is labeled “Features”. This is a special section that will link you to several extra pages where you can dive even more into the universe of Humanity Scar. Included in this area is the Sentinel, a member written newspaper that features all sorts of information and articles that helps to build a more detailed world for our members to write in. There is also the Story Teller board which features original fiction written by members as well as a Media page that showcases videos, photo’s and other artwork submitted by members and the author of the novel series herself.

The Wilderness:

The final area is called The Wilderness. This is an area without role playing rules and restrictions. You can post about anything you like here, but the primary focus is of course zombies! Members can enjoy this site with all types of members and it is a great place to make friends and discuss things that really interest you.


After you have had a chance to view all there is to offer, you will have to make the choice to join as a member. We are always looking to add to our community so we truly hope you decide to join us. We have several levels of membership to choose from and there is sure to be something that appeals to you. The great thing is that you can change your membership level at any time to suit the type of interaction you would prefer. Please make sure to read the Membership Selection page to get more details.

Remember, there is a lot more to see and do once you are a member. We have contests, prizes, exclusive content and more! Join us and share in everything that Humanity Scar has to offer!


Thank you so much for stopping by.

See you soon!