Rules and Policies for Posting

These rules and policies are located in the agreement you must accept before becoming a member. I’ve included them here for your convenience.

Rules and Policies for

1. All posts on the Humanity Scar Survivors Forum will be done “in character” (speaking with the voice of the character you have created) and may be removed if they break character.

2. Posts on the Wilderness message board are not required to be in character and therefore have no restrictions on the voice used when posting.

3. I agree to abide by any guidance or requested posts from Monique Doucette (aka Kat) or any of the moderators of the message board for the furtherance of the “story.”

4. Any posts that are deemed inappropriate, harassing, or threatening shall be removed without notice or explanation. Evaluating any questionable posts is left up to the administrative staff and moderator volunteers and any judgment made on any questionable post is up to their discretion.

5. All members of the site have the right to privacy and no personal information shall be released without their approval (namely, email addresses).

6. All private communication on the message board will abide by the rules as they are listed here.

7. Any spamming or unwelcome communication will not be tolerated and offending members may be removed or banned from the site.

8. Harassment based on age, race, sex, gender, sexual preference, or religious affiliation will not be tolerated and all posts deemed to contain offensive language will be removed.

9. Administration reserves the right to ban, remove, or otherwise limit posts by any members who do not follow the rules. Assessing the properties of any reported or posted message is up to the discretion of the administrators.

10. All questions, comments, requests for support or help should be directed to

11. I understand that all home remedies, survival techniques, medical tips and other information given on this site is for entertainment purposes only. Any attempts to recreate or experiment with things of this nature are not condoned or encouraged by the site or those who post on the message board. Any injury, real or imagined, that results from attempting to recreate any recipe, technique, or method from the site is done at the risk of the person or persons involved and there is no fault or liability on the part of, Monique Doucette, her associates and volunteers, or the original posting party. *(Added 4/11/2011)

12. These rules may be edited, updated, and changed at any time, at which time you will be notified in writing and may choose to opt out and leave the website, pursuant to the contract agreed to at the time of your registration.