Novel Information

Here are some frequently asked questions about the novel series, Humanity Scar:


  • What is the novel about?

Humanity Scar is the first person journal experience of Kat Lacey as she experiences the world after a devastating virus is unleashed on the planet. As the zombie apocalypse plays out in front of her, she takes to writing daily to deal with all of the emotions, decisions, trials and triumphs that she faces. As time passes, she begins to discover exactly who she is, what she is meant to do, and how she is going to survive in a world full of terror and danger at every turn.

  • ¬†Where can I purchase the novel?

Humanity Scar: Last Words (Journal 1) is currently available as an e-book for the Amazon Kindle and in printed paperback form.

If you would like to see the page for the book, please go here:

It is also available on the UK Amazon site here:

  • Are there any sequels to the book?

Yes, the second novel in the series is currently in progress and is expected to be published soon. Details will be posted on the site.