This type of membership is for people who enjoy role playing, creative writing, and of course the zombie apocalypse! Characters with this title have creative freedom to write original stories for their persona using the guidelines of the Humanity Scar Book of Lore, articles from the Sentinel, World Events, Incident Reports, and more! If you enjoy these things and are interested in creating your own survival story, this is the type of membership for you!



*Writing: Survivors should expect to write at least once a week, though this is not required. Posting at least once every 45 days keeps a character as “active” and prevents them from being placed on the Hiatus Status. Writing often helps to maintain an interesting story line, contribute input to others in the community and generally provide a better experience for this type of character.

*Interaction: Survivors will be in a community with other members who will be reading and responding to posts. Reading the posts of others and responding with encouragement, advice, or general friendship is a great way to make new friends and build up bonds. We highly encourage this type of conversation at Humanity Scar.


*Survivors have access to every board on the forum.

*Survivors have access to the Survivor shop, including the bank, trade, and gifting options.

*Survivors can participate in all Survivor and Member contests, initiatives, and rewards.

*Survivors receive a profile on our Characters page. Survivors who post at least three times a week will be featured on our Main Character’s page as well.

*Survivors are able to apply for positions on the Sentinel, the Humanity Scar Newspaper.

*Survivors can post stories in the Story Teller section.

*Survivors can submit photo’s, video, and other media to be displayed on the Media page.

*Survivors can submit articles to be posted in the Book of Lore and help to shape the universe they play in.

*Survivors can participate in all live chats (coming soon)


*Survivors cannot post on the RPG Adventures section, however they can read this board at any time.

*Survivors cannot participate in any of the RPG Adventures contests or prizes.


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