RPG Character

This type of character posts exclusively on our Adventures board. This area is dedicated to a more traditional role playing experience where a Story Teller leads all participants through a pre-planned story. RPG Characters work together to achieve goals using items they acquire, class skills, and voting in polls. Read more about RPG Adventures here. Members of this type should enjoy this type of structured writing and be able to follow the rules and requirements of the RPG Adventures.



*Registration: RPG Characters must complete a Character Creation form prior to posting. They must have a Major and two Minor Class selected as well.

*Writing: When participating, RPG characters should expect to write at least once a day. The Adventures are updated often and character input must be posted within certain time frames. Members who are unable to post may lose the ability to choose their actions and decide with the group which can alter their experience dramatically.

*Interaction: RPG characters must be willing to interact with all characters participating in the story. They should be respectful of decisions made by others, adhere to the “die rolls” made during the course of the story, and be able to write for a variety of situations and outcomes in collaboration with others.



*RPG Characters have access to all boards on the forum.

*RPG Characters can participate in all Adventure and Member Contests, Incentives, and Rewards.

*RPG Characters have access to the Survivor Shop to purchase Adventure Items ONLY.

*RPG Characters receive a profile on the Characters page and can be featured as one of the top RPG Characters as they accumulate points in the game.

*RPG Characters can submit videos, photos, and other media to the Media Page.



*RPG Characters can only post in the Adventures and Wilderness sections of the board. They are allowed to view all others.

*RPG Characters cannot use the Survivor Shop for trade, the bank, or regular items.

*RPG Characters can only participate in RPG Live chats and Out of Character Chat Events.

*RPG Characters cannot be members of the Sentinel Staff or submit articles to the newspaper.

*RPG Characters cannot submit articles for the Book of Lore

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