This type of membership is for those who want to read only. While they can post in the “Wilderness” board, they are restricted to reading only.


*There are no requirements for an Observer type membership. They can read and post at their own discretion.



*Observers have access to every part of the website.

*Observers are eligible for all Member contests, incentives and prizes.

*Observers may post in the Wilderness section at any time.

*Observers may participate in Out of Character Live Chat Events.



*Observers cannot post in any part of the board except for the Wilderness.

*Observers do not have access to the Survivor Shop

*Observers cannot participate in Survivor or Adventure contests, incentives or prizes.

*Observers do not get a Character Profile, cannot be featured or listed on any leader boards.

*Observers cannot apply for positions on the Sentinel or send any articles for publishing.

*Observers cannot send information to update the Book of Lore

*Observers cannot participate in any role playing Live Chat Events.

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