This membership is for characters that would like to participate as a Survivor and an RPG Character. This requires a higher level of organization and commitment but also offers more opportunities for writing and creativity.


*Writing: Must be able to keep Survivor and Adventure stories separate. Should expect to write often based on participation in RPG Adventures and maintaining their own personal story. This may require daily writing. Not required to participate in all RPG stories but expected to join at least once every 3-4 months.


*Interaction: Should expect to read and post as a normal Surivivor as well as participate in RPG Adventure postings, polls and conversations. This membership requires more commitment than others.



*Adventurers have access to all parts of the Forum and can post in every section.

*Adventurers with an active account (participating in a story every 3-4 months) is eligible for a Character Profile, Story Points and may be ranked on the RPG Leader Board.

*Adventurers have access to the Survivor Shop and all features including Bank, Trade, and gifting.

*Adventurers are eligible for all contests, incintives and rewards for Survivors, RPG Characters, and Adventurers.

*Adventurers may apply for positions on the Sentinel and send in articles to be posted

*Adventurers may send in videos, photos, and other media for the Media Page.

*Adventurers may post in the Story Teller Section of the board.

*Adventurers may submit information to update the Book of Lore.

*Adventurers may participate in all Live Chat events.



*Adventurers must be able to keep Adventure and Regular Survivor Shop items separate. They cannot trade or share Adventure items or use them in their Survivor Stories.

*Adventurers may win one type of contest per month. This means that they can only win one Member, Survivor and Adventure contest per month. Once they have won one of these they will not be eligible to win another, though they may participate if they desire.


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