Membership Selection

In this post you will read about the different types of membership offered on the site. Each one has it’s own privileges, restrictions, and requirements. Please read through each one carefully so that you know exactly which one works best for you! Remember, you can request to change your membership at any time, so feel free to try each of them as you explore how the site works and discover what is the most fun for you! Please send a message to if you have any questions about the types of membership that is not answered here.


Membership Types

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*Survivor: Role Playing character that posts about experiences in life after the zombie apocalypse.

*RPG Character: Role Playing character that participates in structured stories that collaborate with other members to obtain goals and complete missions that earn points for an over all score.

*Adventurer: Role playing character that participates as a Survivor on the Forum as well as an RPG Character in the structured stories.

*Observer: Silent observer who can read all sections of the forum without access to posting. They are able to post in the “Wilderness” section as much as they would like.