Survivor Shop Tutorial

Hello and welcome to the Survivor Shop Tutorial



On this page you will learn everything you need to know to navigate and use our new Survivor Shop! If you get to the end and still have questions, please contact Kat and she will help you with whatever you need. Please click on the pictures to enlarge them if you need a closer look.

(*Note, the theme of the forum has changed since this was written. All of the links are the same, it just looks different now.)

Alright! Lets get started!

Step 1: Go to the shop!



As you can see, the shop link is located on the top of the screen next to your other page selections between Calendar and Members. Simply click to proceed!


2. Shop Home



This is the Shop Home page. It will give you instructions on how to proceed as well as show you how many credits you have in your pocket and in the bank. Credits in your pocket can be spent while those in the Bank must be withdrawn before you can use them. This page will also give you a list of the 10 richest members for each of those sections.

Next we will explore each of the functions in the store.

3. Buy Stuff



Click on the Buy Stuff link located in the menu bar to the left of the screen.



Here you will see what is available in the store. Lets look at how to sort items first.

At the top of the page you can see the ability to sort by category, name, and in ascending or descending order. Feel free to sort items in the way that is easiest for you to find exactly what you are looking for. New things will be added to the store all the time and you never know what you might find!



At the bottom of the page you will see a list of pages that you can also use to navigate throughout the store.

Now lets take a closer look at the items in the shop.



Each item in the store will have the following information:

*An Image: Some items may NOT have an image, but most items will have something to give you a visual of what it is you are going to purchase.

*Name: This is the name given to the item

*Description: This section will describe in more detail what you are going to buy. It will also tell you if this item will stay in your inventory (meaning you can use it multiple times and trade it with others) and what will be deleted after use (meaning you can only use it once and cannot trade it after it has been used.)

*Price/Stock: This last section gets down to business. It will tell you how much the item costs, how many are in stock, whether you can buy it, and also give you a link to see who else owns the item. If you do not have enough credits, this area will tell you how many you need to complete a purchase.

Now lets buy something!

Click on “Buy Now” to purchase an item. Make sure you are clicking on something you really want because there is no turning back!

shop8.successfulpurchaseThis is the message you will see when you have purchased an item.

As you can see it directs you to check your inventory to use the item. Lets go there next!


4. Inventory

shop10.yourinventoryselect*Click the “Your inventory” button

shop11.yourinventoryviewThis is what the inventory screen looks like. It is very similar to the Shop view in that it gives the image, name, and description. The fourth section tells how much you paid for the item and gives you the option to use the item or trade it. We will explore both of those options.

Remember to note if the item will stay in your inventory (found in the description). It may dictate if you want to use the item right away, keep it for later, save it for trade, or give it to someone as a gift.

This item, Ammunition, is removed from inventory after use. If it was an item that stayed, you could use it multiple times. However, we can only use it once. Lets see what happens when we click “Use Item”.



When you use an item, you get a brief summary of what happens. Some items will ask for you to input a word or two to help with this result, so pay attention to what happens as you use items! These messages can vary based on the item, often having a different random result for items you can use multiple times. Try using an multi-use item two or three times to see if something new will happen!

Lets see what happens if you choose to trade an item instead of using it.



This is the Trade Item screen. You will be able to select the amount of credits you want to trade your item for. As the instructions describe, if someone purchases your item, you will receive a message confirming their purchase. Pay attention to the note that says if you have an item up for trade you can no longer use it!


┬áThis is the message you should receive once you click “Next”.


5. Sending Money and Items

Lets say you want to give an item or credits to someone as a gift. That is possible in our store! First click on “Send Money to Someone” and this screen will come up.

shop15.sendmoney2Here you will specify the survivor’s name, how much you want to send them and you can also include a message. The person will receive a message in their PM box telling about the transfer and including any message you attach. The credits will already be in their pocket ready to spend!

If you select “Send an Item to Someone” you will see this screen:


Once again, specify the survivor’s name and then select an item from the drop down list. You can also include a message that will be sent as a PM to that member. The item will be in their inventory ready to use! This is a great way to send little gifts and trinkets to your friends!


6. Bank

Lets explore the Bank feature! This allows you to deposit credits into a bank and earn interest! When you click on the link, you will see this:


This screen will tell you how many credits you have in each place and allow you to deposit or withdraw credits. There is a minimum of 50 credits that must be deposited into the bank each time. You must withdraw at least 20 credits and there is a 10 credit fee whenever you withdraw from the bank. The current interest rate for the bank is 1% per day. (We are still testing this feature and would like to make sure it works properly before we raise that interest rate.)

You do not have to use the bank, but it’s a nice way to earn more credits!


7. Trade Center

The final portion of the Survivor Shop is the Trade Center. This is where you will find all of the items you have up for trade as well as what other Survivors are selling as well. Lets take a look inside.

shop19.tradecenterviewThis should look familiar! It gives all of the regular information but includes who is selling the item in the description area. Sometimes you will find items that are no longer for sale in the normal Shop are being traded. Other times people will be selling items that are already in stock. Make sure you compare prices so you don’t pay too much! Rare items that survivors want to trade will usually have a very high price but will be very desirable!

If you decide you want to purchase an item, simply click buy.

shop20.traderesultYou will see the regular confirmation message to let you know your item is ready to be used.

Now you have seen everything there is to see in our new Survivor Shop! Please make sure you check out our Shop FAQ’s to get more information on the types of items that are in the shop, how to earn credits, and more! If you would like to submit your own item to the shop for trade, fill out the Trade Item Submission Form or check out our NOMAD Trading Alliance page for more details.


Thank you for completing the Survivor Shop Tutorial!