Survivor Shop Rules

Here is a list of rules for the Survivor Shop



1. Please read the descriptions for item and follow any guidelines for that item. This section will often hold important information about what you are purchasing. If an item says “Do not trade”, follow that instruction. If you are found to have traded an item with this designation, the item will be removed and the profit from the trade will be removed from your credit balance.


2. Do not create unnecessary or bogus topics in order to earn credits. If you are found to be abusing this feature, you will be penalized by getting a corresponding number of credits removed from your balance and being restricted from trading for up to 2 weeks. We want you to be active, but be active with a purpose and to tell a story and interact with others.


Examples of abusive topics include: Topics or posts with only one word or sentence that are posted excessively. Replies that repeat what was previously posted or do not relate to the topic. Posts that contain gibberish or nonsense talk.


3. Do not buy your own trade item! If you find that you want to change your trade price or stop the trade, contact Kat and she will make sure the item is returned to your inventory.



4. Some people may want to buy all of an item and re-sell it for a higher price. This is fine, but be aware that items will be added all the time and your “re-sell” may not be the lowest price once an item is stocked again. You may also find that people will not trade with you if you are monopolizing all of the good items in the shop.

If we find that this type of activity is becoming abusive, we will have to modify this rule.



5.  Please feel free to create a name and personality for your personal NOMAD agent. You can even have a couple, trio, or family that does your mail service. If you have a Trade Post on site at your settlement, they will usually stay one day or night to rest before moving on. This allows them time to give you “news” about what is happening in your area, socialize with you and contribute to your stories any way you see fit. They can be in your group any way you want.

You can cultivate close relationships with them, write about romances, even make them mean and grouchy! Whatever works for your story.

If you do not have a trading post, most agents will drop off a package at your camping site (whether you are mobile or at a stationary camp) and move on within a few hours or less. You can always offer them a resting place and write that within your story and do all the things that a Trading Post would do, but it will be less likely you can accomodate the NOMADS every time they make a delivery.

If you are moving around, make sure you change your delivery person if you leave the area. You can always keep your agents anonymous and never interact with them at all. This goes for all types of survivor stories.



6. If you character is in captivity or trapped, then they will obviously NOT be able to use the NOMAD service. Please keep this in mind as you are writing and make sure if you want something from the shop you are in the position to receive it. If you request to trade or buy items while your current story line makes it impossible to receive I will let you know and you will have to adjust accordingly or receive a refund for the item and have it removed from your inventory. We want to keep things as realistic as possible. (Ex, it would be odd to suddenly have a gun and ammo when you are in a UDF prison because you got a NOMAD delivery!)



7. Do not purchase items in the “Adventure” category if you are not participating in an active Adventure. Any player found to have an Adventure item in their inventory will have the item removed and a penalty of 50 credits placed on their credit balance. You can have a negative balance! Don’t get into debt!



If you have any question about what is acceptable in the store, contact Kat. She will post a message if this page is updated.