Survivor Shop FAQ’s

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please contact Kat.



1. What is the Survivor Shop?

It is a place where your character can purchase items using credits. These items can be used as you write or just for fun. We recommend that you incorporate them into your posts to give more variety and make your character feel more alive. You can even base some or all of your characters supplies on what you get in the shop! The limits of how to incorporate the shop are only dictated by your own imagination!

The Shop will also be used in the Survivor Adventures to supply players with items they will need to complete quests and survive in the Story Teller’s Narrative. More about this function will be discussed when the Adventures begin!


2. What are credits and how can I earn them?

In the Humanity Scar universe, credits will be seen as currency. As a gift to all members, Kat is supplying everyone with a base amount of credits to start with. Each member will have to earn more credits by posting on the board and depositing large amounts into the bank. These credits are not tangible, instead they are being “funded” by Kat with valuable items and her participation in the NOMAD trade alliance. Credits are also earned when users trade their own items that they create or find on their travels.

Current Rate:

20 Credits per New Topic

10 Credits per Reply Post

250 Credits upon registration


3. How do I submit my own items?

Please use the Trade Item Submission Form. If you have any questions, please contact


4. What kind of items can I trade?

You can trade anything you like as long as it fits within the boundaries of the universe. Things like space ships and private jets will obviously not be available in a post apocalyptic world, but if your character is a mechanic who has put together a new kind of solar powered vehicle, they may want to feature in our store! It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Things as simple as hand knit socks or dried fruits can be sold in our shop.

The best items are things your character would be making or have access to. Think about this when you come up with things you want to trade. You can always consult with Kat on what you’d like to do to get more ideas.


5. How does my character receive items from the Survivor Shop?

As part of the Trade Alliance, a NOMAD agent is sent to deliver each item purchased in the shop. You may write this into your story if you like.

6. What sorts of things can I write about the NOMAD Agents?

You can create a persona for your agent and involve them in any way you like. A good guideline to follow is that they will deliver items within a week of ordering, stay for no more than three days, and usually travel alone. You can adjust this formula to suit your needs and if you choose to deeply involve yourself with a NOMAD, it is all up to you how to write that and where it will go. If you have any questions, please contact