Helpful Posting Tips for Humanity Scar

Here are some helpful tips for Role Playing here at Humanity Scar. We want you to have a fun, entertaining, and exciting experience as you write stories of your characters survival. This list will help you to get started and can be especially helpful if this is your first time doing something like this. Enjoy!



Tip #1: Follow the Rules of the Universe.

Basically, this means that you should follow and consult with the Book of Lore and pay attention to information that is given to you by Kat. There are a lot of things yet to be discovered and she will help to guide you if you start to get close to a nugget of information that nobody else knows. While we encourage you to make up your own stories and bring life to this world, it is important that you stay within the guidelines set up by the world’s creator. In the end, this is will help keep your stories cohesive, believable, and fun! You never know what information you may be able to reveal as you go along.


Tip #2: Try to keep an entire story in one post or topic.


Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to read a storyline that is scattered around the boards. Some people may come in the middle of a plot and not even know what is going on! If you have a story in mind that has a definite beginning, middle, and end, keep it all in one post / topic if possible. Even if it spans over multiple pages, it is easier for a reader (and other characters) to follow what is happening and get a satisfying experience from your story if it’s all in one place.  If needed, make a second post, but label it with the same title adding “Part 2” (or 3, or 4). That way they can be found easily and put together.

A good rule of thumb is to keep a post open until it reaches 4 – 5 pages. When you get to that point, start a new post. Having too many posts (even if labeled clearly) can also be hard to follow. If you  need help, just contact one of the Post Moderators and they’d be happy to help you figure out what to do.


Tip #3: Collaborate Smartly!

It is a great idea to work with other characters to tell a story. Before embarking on this sort of journey, be sure you send an OOC PM to the other characters you would like to collaborate with and make sure they are willing to join in. Some players may decline your offer, and that is ok. Keep in mind that a lot of characters already have a story line they want to explore and this may not include collaboration. That doesn’t mean they don’t like you or don’t want to share. It just means they can’t do it right away or that it interferes with their current story line..


If a player agrees to collaborate, make sure you talk about all the details for the story. It is not a good idea to take someone off guard with a twist that can hurt or disrupt their characters lives without notice. Keep up communication as you go along, especially if you think of something else you’d like to add. Also, be mindful that if the story takes other characters to a dead end where they have nothing more to say they may not enjoy it as much as you. It is best to work out all of the details you want to include ahead of time and get that same info from the others you want to work with. Collaboration can create very exciting stories, so experiment and have fun with it!


Tip #4: Don’t be a Power Player.


You may have a really great idea or have your character in a powerful position, but you must also make sure that your story is believable and engaging. If your character is overly powerful and never has a conflict or problem, it may not be as fun of a story. Also, it is not wise to make your survivor too bossy and overly controlling of other characters and their personal stories. This can cause people to become upset and not wish to interact with you. Instead, find a way to balance a powerful and confident character with enjoyable stories that challenge them and satisfy not only you but your readers.


Tip #5: Be Respectful.


It is expected that characters will disagree at times and a robust debate is an exciting thing to have on the boards. While the heat of the moment can make us rush to post, please make sure you review everything before you save it to the board. Consider how you would like to be treated before posting an angry response to something that is said. Remember, even while we are posting as fictitious characters, there are living, breathing people behind these personas and they put a lot of emotion into what they write. It is okay to have an opposing view, but try your best to express your viewpoint without crossing the line and using foul language, name calling, slander, or anything else that is disrespectful to the other person. Use of these types of tactics can result in site discipline as well.


A good way to deal with a heated discussion is to step away if you find yourself getting upset. After you have calmed down you can come back with a cooler frame of mind and post more reasonably. We all must recognize that people cannot always agree, so state your points as clearly as you can and take whatever lessons and information you can at the conclusion. You may not come out as the “winner”, but if you are respectful you will leave the discussion with respect instead of being a “loser”.


Tip #6: Don’t be afraid to ask!


If you have a question or issue, don’t hesitate in writing a message to Kat, or one of the other site leaders. Not only will they address your issues quickly, they can stay with you until your problem is fully resolved.


Tip #7: Have a plan.


If you are writing without purpose, people are going to recognize that. It is best to write out a quick outline of what you want to do with your character as you progress through your stories. The forum has a notepad feature that will save all of your notes and you can reference it at any time for quick reminders of your plan, characters, and events.

If you need help with a story or plot like, there are several tools in place to help:

*Story / Mission Request

*Incident Report

*World Events


If these are not what you are looking for, you can always contact Kat for help or answer. The key to this tip is to have a basic plan and goal in place when you begin to write. It will help motivate your post and give you more material to work with than simply “winging it.”



Tip #8: Use Google Maps!


If you have your character traveling through unfamilar territory, Google Maps can be a very useful tool. By using the “satellite view” you can get an idea of what sorts of terrain  your character will encounter, cities and towns, even buildings and paths that they can take!


Tip #9: Research!


Having some knowledge of what your character is doing can be a great way to draw people in to your stories. If you do not know how a fire is made or how to purify water, do a quick search online and get some minor details. (*Note: Do be careful what links you click. Some sites that seem innocent are malicious. It may be helpful to share any sites you find that are helpful and safe on the board in the Wilderness section to share the information with others)

Having a good grasp of the topic you are writing about will make it easier to create a believable story and also lends credibility and interesting facts to your post. You can share a lot of good information with others by taking a few minutes to get some facts about what your character is about to do.

If you need help researching, contact a Site Elder or Post Moderator, they’ll be happy to help you out!


Tip #10: Interact as much as you can!


The best way to enjoy the role play is to get to know other characters and read their stories as well. You may be able to help them through a situation or learn something from what happens to them. If you only post for yourself and never read or comment on anyone else, you may find that you feel as if you are writing in a void and the experience will lose some of its luster. You will find that once you get to know more characters, your experience becomes increasingly entertaining and fun all around!


These are only a few of the tips and tricks for writing here.



The most important thing is to be creative and have fun!