Terms and Abbreviations

Here is an introductory list of terms and abbreviations you may see used around the site

(for more terms, check out the Terms Page in the Book of Lore.)


CRCV: Cancer Re-growth Cell Vaccine. The scientific abbreviation for the virus that caused the zombie outbreak. Classified with numbers 1-20. (Ex. CRCV – 15). Read more about the virus by clicking here.


HS: Humanity Scar; abbreviation.


IC / BIC: In Character / Back In Character. A term used to notify readers that you are resuming your characters voice after being in an OOC status, usually in private messages or in live chat. This should not be used while posting in the Survivor’s Forum.


IR: Incident Report. Read more information by clicking here.


NOMAD: A group of survivors who work together to make deliveries from one person to another. Read more about them by clicking here.


OOC: Out of Character. Writing in your own personal voice and not one of a character. Used to notify readers when you are breaking character, usually in private messages or in a live chat. This should not be used while posting on the Survivor’s Forum.


PM: Private Message. Personal Message sent using the Humanity Scar Forum.


Power playing: Playing a character in such a way that you are overly powerful, controlling of other characters and generally micro  managing other characters without the other players consent.


RP: Role Play. Writing in the voice of a character, embracing their personality and experiences to portray their story.


RPG: Role Playing Game. A game where all participants are role playing and earning points or some other reward.


Survivor Shop: Tool used on the Forum to buy and trade goods to be used by your character. Can be used in RPG Adventures and for normal Survivor characters. For more information click here.


For More Terms, check out the Terms Page in the Book of Lore.