Posting Restrictions and Discipline

Please read the following restrictions to make yourself aware of what is not allowed in your posts on

  • All content should abide by a PG-13 rating. This means that obsessive foul language, sexual content, and abusive language is not allowed and will not be tolerated. All restricted content will be removed until the posting party can update and edit their writing. If edits are refused, the post wil be permanently deleted from the site.
    • Repeated use of restricted material will result in suspension and possible ban from the site.


  • Content is subject to the rules and Lore of the Humanity Scar Universe. If your writing veers too far outside of these boundaries you may be contacted by Kat or another moderator. All instructions should be followed to make any required corrections.
    • If corrections are not made, the post may be permanently deleted.
    • If repeated posts are made with the same content and the user is warned three times, they ┬ámay be placed on suspension or blocked from the site indefinitely.


  • Abusive and threatening posts will not be allowed. If any of these posts are observed, Kat or a moderator will step in to investigate and resolve the situation. If all instructions to cease posting is not adhered to, members are subject to discipline including suspension or banning.


  • All members will have the opportunity to please their side in any situation, however it is up to the moderator and administration team to make any final decisions.


  • Discipline will usually follow these steps:
    • Written Warning to offending member (1-3 times based on severity of offense)
    • Suspension from posting for 1 – 14 days (can read but not post)
    • Suspension from board from 1 – 14 days (will not be able to log in or participate in the forums)
    • Indefinite Suspension from the board (Permanent Banning)